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Did you merge with, or acquire another firm? Did your firm admit/name a new partner? Did your firm launch a new practice area? Share with the IPA INSIDER group on a regular basis, on the IPA Blog site. Submit your news now.

Share your firm’s unique solutions, suggest an article, be a thought leader. Each month, IPA interviews thought leaders, managing partners, marketing directors, CFOs and others to compile best practices for public accounting firms across the country. How can you help? Share your ideas. Learn from others.


How does your firm compare to your peers? Where does your firm rank on the list of the Top 100 and 200 firms across the U.S.? Which firms will be named Best of the Best next year? Your firm is in the running as long as you take part in the annual IPA Survey and Analysis of Firms, one of the longest-running MAP surveys in the nation.

For more than twenty-years, the IPA Annual National Benchmarking Report has been one of the most thorough, complete and insightful analyses of CPA firms in the U.S. The IPA annual survey and report is one of only a few independent reports on the profession and is one of the most accurate and up to date sets of data available. Help uncover trends, issues and opportunities by joining more than 500 firms that participate in the IPA survey.


Being named an IPA 100, IPA 200, Best of the Best or All-Star firm is an accomplishment that should be shared. You can order customized reprints highlighting your firm’s IPA rankings and accolades. Reprints can also be made of articles that feature your progressive approach to firm management. Take advantage of another way to market your firm’s successes.