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Andersen Tax Welcomes Rode as Managing Director to Chicago Office

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY16 net revenue of $220.2 million) welcomes Brad Rode as a managing director in the Chicago office as part of the commercial practice group. Rode specializes in international U.S. federal tax, which includes assisting businesses and investors with addressing tax implications of various cross-border enterprises such as expansion overseas, mergers, acquisitions, financing and restructurings. He works with both U.S. outbound and foreign inbound clients in a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, real estate and private equity.

Rode has more than 19 years of experience assisting clients with tax considerations around a broad array of matters, including multinational business expansion and financing, transaction and business structuring, supply chain analysis, deployment of intangible and intellectual property, management of foreign currency exposure, foreign investments in U.S. real estate as well as tax compliance and reporting across a wide range of categories.

“Brad’s expertise over a broad range of U.S. federal tax areas with an international framework provides us with an excellent resource and a key addition to our Chicago team,” says Kevin Burns, office managing director in Chicago.

“International tax is an area of strategic focus for our firm both in Chicago and nationally, and Brad’s experience helps round out our offering in this critical area,” says Mark Vorsatz, CEO.

Ison Joins Andersen Tax as a Managing Director in Seattle

Stuart Ison

Stuart Ison

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY16 net revenue of $220.2 million) announced the addition of Stuart Ison as a managing director in the Seattle office, joining the commercial practice group. He has 29 years of experience in tax and strong knowledge in all aspects of U.S. and international tax planning and compliance, including complex cross-border projects, intellectual property migration and tax treaty planning. Ison’s other specialties include foreign tax credit planning, tax efficient supply chain planning and advanced pricing agreements.

“The addition of Stuart to our team better positions us to service our commercial clients, and his ability to develop and implement global tax strategies enhances our offerings. Stuart’s sophisticated understanding of international tax matters is critical for our firm’s growing global footprint,” says Seattle office managing director, Susan Swartz.

“Stuart’s knowledge of the marketplace offers enormous opportunities for our firm and our cross-border clients. He is a leader in the field and his background demonstrates our commitment to building our capabilities for the growth ahead for our firm,” says Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Tax CEO.

French Company Accuses Andersen Tax of Forgery

The French firm that is using the iconic Andersen name accuses Andersen Tax of forgery and says it is suing the San Francisco-based firm, which has achieved a string of trademark victories and added 11 global locations over the last several months.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, who calls himself global MP of Arthur Andersen, says a suit was filed in France and that Andersen Tax used forged documents in its court proceedings, which resulted in legal settlements in the U.S., India and Brazil. Firms using the Andersen name in those countries were ordered to stop.

“Andersen Tax LLC directors has openly cheated and lied, to the detriment of the public, some judges, the Arthur Andersen’s alumni, their own employees and affiliated members,” Laffont-Réveilhac says in the statement. “Such conducts are offensive and inexcusable. That’s the opposite of our values.” Also, “We are continuing our relentless efforts to rebuild the network and defend its historical values.”

The response: “We have gone from the ridiculous to the absurd.” Mark Vorsatz, CEO and managing director at Andersen Tax, told Accounting Today. He says he is confident the courts will side with Andersen Tax.

Laffont-Réveilhac says he is filing a criminal summons against Andersen Tax, Vorsatz and is filling a complaint with the attorneys general in New York, India (Mumbai), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and the Netherlands Antilles (Willemstad, Curaçao).

A group of former Andersen partners established a firm called WTAS, which was renamed Andersen Tax after the partners acquired the rights to the Andersen brand in 2014 and expanded the firm abroad. Andersen Tax has filed suit against the French firm in several countries.

Andersen Tax Achieves Another Legal Victory in Trademark Dispute

Andersen Tax has achieved another legal victory in its effort to protect the trademark rights in its iconic brand name, Andersen, in jurisdictions around the world, the firm announced.

In a settlement agreement this week, the Brazilian firm, MP Cont Sociedade Simples Ltda., agreed never to use the terms “Andersen,” “Arthur Andersen,” or any mark incorporating the term “Andersen” (or any confusingly similar term) to promote its services anywhere in the world. The agreement resolves legal action that Andersen Tax filed before the Brazilian intellectual property authorities and other related disputes.

It is another legal blow to a French firm, Arthur Andersen & Co., formerly named Quatre Juillet Maison Blanche, which illegally used the trademark Arthur Andersen to recruit and promote the Brazilian firm as part of an international accountancy, tax and business consultancy network, Andersen Tax announced.

“In blatant disregard for the law, the French infringers began promoting the Andersen brand for offices throughout Brazil, apparently without conducting any due diligence investigation on Brazilian trademark rights,” says a statement by Oscar L. Alcantara, managing director and associate counsel at Andersen Tax. “Had they done so, they would have seen that Andersen Tax has had its filings in the intellectual property offices of Brazil for several years now.”

It is the third legal setback for the French entity. In early April, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California entered an injunction prohibiting the French network’s U.S. affiliate, MoHala Enterprises, doing business as Sundial Consulting, from using the terms “Andersen” or “Arthur Andersen” in the United States. Later that month, the High Court of Judicature in Bombay, India, imposed a permanent injunction against an Indian firm, International Business Associates (IBA), from using the terms “Andersen,” “Arthur Andersen,” and confusingly similar trademarks to promote its professional services consultancy.

The Indian court also handed down a preliminary injunction against the French entity, Arthur Andersen & Co., temporarily prohibiting it from promoting its consultancy services in India. IBA had aligned itself with the French firm as an affiliate member of its network in India.

“We have now successfully enforced our rights to the Andersen name and precluded the French firm from violating our legal rights on three different continents,” says Mark Vorsatz, CEO and Managing Director at Andersen Tax.

He continues in a statement, “I feel sorry for those individuals or groups who have been misled and may have paid fees to the French firm for the use of a name which we own.”

The French entity, Arthur Andersen & Co., misrepresented its global presence on its website, Andersen Tax says. In addition to listing a Houston, Texas, address that did not exist, the site lists four locations in the U.S. where Arthur Andersen & Co. has no office, no firm and no representation. It is similar in Brazil and India where the French website lists seven locations where they have no office, firm or representation. In Dubai, Andersen Tax was informed that the French network was not authorized to use the name of the local firm they listed on their website.

“I think that this group has been exposed for what they are. We will continue to aggressively pursue actions against this group and enforce our legal rights,” Vorsatz says. “For all of the partners and employees of Andersen Tax, and for all of those who had worked at Arthur Andersen, we have every commitment to prosecute our rights against this attempt to take advantage of the Andersen brand.”

Andersen Tax Wins Permanent Injunction Against India-Based International Business Associates

The High Court of Judicature in Bombay, India, has ruled against two international firms for illegally infringing on the trademark rights of Andersen Tax, which owns the brand name Andersen in India and other jurisdictions around the world, Andersen Tax announced

The court ruled in favor of Andersen Tax on April 28 and imposed a permanent injunction restricting International Business Associates (IBA) from using the terms Andersen, Arthur Andersen and confusingly similar trademarks to promote its professional services consultancy.

Furthermore, the court handed down a preliminary injunction against a French firm known as Arthur Andersen & Co. (formerly known as Quatre Juillet Maison Blanche), temporarily prohibiting it from using the trademarks Andersen and Arthur Andersen to promote consultancy services in India. IBA had aligned itself with the French firm as an affiliate member of its network in India.

In April, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California entered a consent-injunction prohibiting U.S-affiliate MoHala Enterprises, doing business as Sundial Consulting, from using the terms Andersen or Arthur Andersen in the United States.

“Andersen Tax will enforce its legal rights vigorously around the world to protect its ownership of the Andersen name,” Mark Vorstaz, Andersen Tax CEO, says in a statement.

Andersen Tax, which owns multiple trademark filings incorporating the name Andersen for tax and legal services in 95 countries, filed suit against International Business Associates in April 2017, the firm announced.

Settlement Reached in Andersen Tax Trademark Dispute in California

Andersen Tax has settled a lawsuit with MoHala Enterprises, a Monterey, Calif., limited liability company, which was accused of six counts of state and federal trademark infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition.

The suit, filed March 13 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, said MoHala worked in concert with French businessman Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, who identified himself as global MP of Arthur Andersen in a March 1 LinkedIn post and contended that the firm had been “reconstituted.” Also named in the suit are Veronique Martinez and Arthur Andersen & Co., a French company that is similar to an LLC in the U.S.

According to the settlement, MoHala was part of a network of individuals and entities recruited by Laffont-Réveilhac and Martinez to become affiliates of Arthur Andersen & Co.

Andersen Tax announced Wednesday in a release that the specific terms are confidential, but “MoHala Enterprises d/b/a Sundial Consulting has agreed never to use the terms ‘Andersen’ or ‘Arthur Andersen’ to promote its professional services consultancy, and has withdrawn its membership as an affiliate of the French society calling itself ‘Arthur Andersen & Co.’ Sundial Consulting will also be dissolving Arthur Andersen LLP, a California limited liability partnership it previously formed for purposes of serving as the U.S. member and affiliate of this French society.”

In attempting to reach MoHala’s attorneys, IPA reached out to Oscar Alcantara, Andersen Tax managing director and associate counsel, who says in an email, “Our adversary has not designated counsel in the U.S. case.”

Andersen Tax says it owns multiple trademark registrations incorporating the name Andersen for tax and business consultation services around the world.

Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Tax CEO, told IPA last month that Laffont-Réveilhac met with an Andersen Tax managing director in 2015 and proposed a “sale of defendants’ brand portfolio” in exchange for “an extraordinarily large sum of money.”

“We have no interest in paying them anything for anything,” Vorsatz said at the time, adding that Andersen Tax owns the trademark in over 90 counties, including the U.S. and the European Union. Laffont-Réveilhac has twice been denied use of the trademark in court and Andersen Tax is intent on using all legal avenues to end the matter, Vorsatz said.

Laffont-Réveilhac has continued to post on LinkedIn, most recently outlining “Arthur Andersen’s European Strategy.” He wrote April 12 that “we strive for a rapid increase in power, while taking all the time necessary for a rigourous selection of our future affiliated members for a network of first quality.”

See entire post here.

Andersen Tax Names New Transfer Pricing Managing Director

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY15 net revenue of $197 million) welcomes Laurie Dicker as a managing director in the firm’s U.S. national tax office.

She is based in Washington, D.C., and will be part of the transfer pricing practice. She has more than 25 years of experience in transfer pricing across a broad set of industries. She assists clients throughout the entire transfer pricing cycle, from planning and documentation to controversy resolution.

Prior to Andersen Tax, Dicker was a managing director at Alvarez & Marsal, where she served multinational clients for over nine years and wrote frequently on current transfer pricing issues. Before that, she worked as a principal at EY. Earlier in her career, she held multiple roles at Arthur Andersen.

“Laurie embodies both the quality and passion for client service that remain central to our firm’s seamless and best-in-class service,” says Andersen Tax CEO Mark Vorsatz. “Her technical expertise and wide-ranging experience will sharpen our ability to compete in today’s global market.”

Firm Using Andersen Name Denounces Andersen Tax Claims

A new global firm calling itself Arthur Andersen has fired back at Andersen Tax officials who say the once-iconic brand name is actually theirs.

Following a LinkedIn announcement last week that Arthur Andersen is being “reconstituted” in 16 countries, San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY15 net revenue of $197 million) objected to the use of the name, which they said has been rightfully theirs to use since 2014.

Reaction was swift. “Because of the misleading, defamatory, denigrating and outrageous statements recently made by Andersen Tax to the media and to our clients and contacts, we have no other choice than respond publicly and in the strongest terms,” read a LinkedIn post by French businessman Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, who identified himself as global managing partner of Arthur Andersen. He contended, “We are the sole owners of the worldwide rights on the Arthur Andersen and Andersen brands, slogans and logos.”

He went on to say that Arthur Andersen professionals are proud to have nothing to do with Andersen Tax. “Such behavior is clearly contrary to the Arthur Andersen values and shows that these individuals on the rope are panicked and unscrupulous. They are blinded by their ego, arrogance, lies and greed.”

Arthur Andersen, once a Big 5 firm with a sterling reputation, surrendered its license to practice as a CPA firm in 2002 after it was found guilty to criminal charges relating to audits of the energy giant Enron. Former partners founded Wealth & Tax Advisory Services (WTAS), and had reportedly transitioned 92% of its clients to the new firm, added seven new managing directors and increased its client base by 20% in the first year.

In 2014, WTAS announced that it had acquired the legal rights to use the Andersen name and changed WTAS to Andersen Tax, which has about 1,000 employees in 19 U.S. cities and a presence abroad.

On March 1 though, Laffont-Réveilhac wrote, “Arthur Andersen is reconstituted, with 26 offices on five continents and in 16 countries. Arthur Andersen encompasses offices in the following countries and states: United States of America (Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco), Europe (Cyprus, France, Greece), India, Brazil, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar), Egypt, Indonesia and Nepal.”

He said that more than 200 firms had applied to become affiliates since last June.  “In each country, we are setting up an inter-professional member firm with high-quality players who are fully up to meeting the current needs of clients with a focus on a vision of the future, while maintaining the spirit and historical values of our historic firm founded in 1913 in Chicago,” Laffont-Réveilhac said in a statement that day.

“They are not affiliated and do not have any rights to the name,” Andersen Tax CEO Mark Vorsatz said in a March 2 email, Accounting Today reported. “We purchased the rights to the Andersen brand in the U.S. and worldwide and have filed trademarks in over 50 jurisdictions. We have filed an action against them in France to require that they cease and desist use of the name. Also, to the best of our knowledge, they have no viable business in any locations.”

Andersen Tax’s in-house counsel, Oscar Alcantara, said his firm filed an action in Paris last October against the group calling itself Arthur Andersen for trademark infringement and to cancel any other filings by them, Accounting Today reported. Response is due March 17.

Andersen Tax officials say their firm represents the Arthur Andersen name and legacy better than the other firm, which they say has only one firm alumna.

“On our side of the table what we have is a large group of people who truly represent the legacy of Arthur Andersen, individuals who had been with the organization for decades and who truly bear the goodwill of that culture,” Alcantara said. Twenty-three former partners formed WTAS in 2002.

Arthur Andersen says it will hold a press conference in New York March 15 to answer questions.

Popovitch Hired As Managing Director for Andersen Tax

Rob Popovitch

Rob Popovitch

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY15 net revenue of $197 million) welcomes Rob Popovitch as managing director of the private client service group in the Dallas office.

Prior to joining Andersen Tax, Popovitch was a managing director at Deloitte, serving as the North Texas practice leader of private wealth tax. He has significant experience in providing wealth planning services to high-net-worth clients, acting as a lead tax advisor to large family offices and designing multi-generational wealth transfer plans.

He has more than 25 years of experience working with estate professionals including tax law, trusts, structuring and planning. He has extensive experience working with business clients in buy/sell agreements, business valuation, estate and gift tax and asset protection.

“Offering outstanding client service continues to be the top priority of the firm, and with the addition of Rob, the Dallas office will add yet another resource that our clients can rely on,” says CEO Mark Vorsatz. “Rob’s experience and dedication to his clients make him a natural fit for team.”

Andersen Tax Welcomes New Managing Director

Joe Gill

Joe Gill

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY15 net revenue of $197 million) welcomes Joe Gill as a managing director in the firm’s U.S. national tax office.

He is based in New York, and his experience includes over 15 years of providing compliance, consulting and attest-related services for domestic and foreign banking institutions and financial service companies.

Prior to joining Andersen Tax, he was a tax senior manager with Deloitte. Gill began his career at Arthur Andersen in Houston. During his time at Deloitte, he spent three years in national tax in Washington, D.C., in the management development program.

Gill served as lead tax manager and adviser on matters related to financial reporting of income taxes in accordance with ASC 740 as well as collateralized loan obligation vehicles.

“Joe brings significant expertise to our U.S. national tax practice, ranging from large national and international cases to smaller local matters,” says CEO Mark Vorsatz. “His skills enhance our global tax offering to our commercial clients.”