Deloitte CEO Says Women in Top Roles Should Move From ‘Novelty to Norm’

Cathy Engelbert

Cathy Engelbert

Deloitte’s Cathy Engelbert, the first woman to become a CEO of a U.S. Big 4 accounting firm in 2015, knew that taking on the top job was a big deal for her personally. “What I didn’t realize was what a big deal it was outside the firm to get this role. It’s been great to show that women can be leaders of big companies.”

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Engelbert recently spoke with Global Goalscast, a podcast of the We Are All Human Foundation, which promotes diversity, “radical inclusion” and equity. In an interview with co-host Edie Lush, Engelbert says she’s now accustomed to talking about cracking the glass ceiling, but adds, “I talk about how we need to move these elevations of women into key roles from novelty to norm. I think it’s really important to focus on that.”

In September 2016, Engelbert changed Deloitte’s leave policy to help both men and women take time off for family matters. “Our family leave program we think is industry-leading. Sixteen weeks for men and women, not just for parental leave, but for any family matters. It’s been amazingly positive,” Engelbert says. “Our people are fired up. The best email I got was from a man who said ‘I hope I never have to use it for a sick parent or a sick child but if gives me peace of mind that it’s there.’ We did something that was right for our people.” She told Lush that the move has helped Deloitte retain and recruit talent.

Engelbert also discussed the need to partner with Apple, Amazon, Facebook, HP and other emerging companies to help serve clients in an innovative way, saying, “No one company can do it alone in this fast-paced industrial revolution.”

She continues, “The hardest part about being a CEO today, I think, is there are so many shifts going on, Where do you deploy your capital? What choices to do you make? What impact do you want to have? Then, you have to bring in the fact with a 62% millennial workforce, our people want purpose driven in everything we do. And you’ve got to take care of well-being. So, it’s a fascinating time to be a leader and make these choices in how, again, you allocate not only your human capital, your financial capital, but your own time as a CEO.”

Engelbert also has some advice for up-and-coming female leaders. “Your career is not linear, it changes. You need to raise your hand and have confidence and take risks. When you don’t want to do something, you have to have what you want to do right behind it. The leader that thinks of you for positions wants to know you’re helping solve another problem they might have.”

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EY Global Names Barton Vice Chair – Tax

Kate Barton

Kate Barton

New York-based EY (FY16 gross revenue of $11.2 billion) named Kate Barton as the global tax leader. As EY Global vice chair – tax, Barton will oversee all aspects of EY tax strategy and operations.

In this role, Barton will also lead the EY tax executive committee and become a member of the EY Global executive, its most senior body focused on the delivery of the EY vision 2020 strategy. Barton has experience in providing international tax services and working with large multinational, public companies. She also has helped companies develop and implement domestic and international tax planning and compliance strategies.

Barton currently serves as EY Americas vice chair – tax, overseeing the largest tax revenues in all EY areas. She is a member of the EY Americas operating executive, the EY Global practice group, EY Global tax executive committee and the EY Global diversity and inclusiveness committee.

“Kate moves into this role at a critical time as many tax policies and rules are being modernized around the world. She brings strong experience having supported many large multinationals and the EY Americas tax, which is at the center of the tax reform being undertaken in the U.S. at this time. Additionally, we are fortunate to have a strong sponsor of diversity and inclusion in Kate, having a strong track record in supporting minority groups, young people and women,” says Mark Weinberger, EY Global chairman and CEO.

Barton succeeds Jay Nibbe, who will become EY Global vice chair – markets.

“We are in a transformative age in which tax functions have a mandate to reshape their future at the same time that C-suites are beginning to look for bold and creative operating models to drive business efficiencies. Organizations need to understand the impact of globalization, legislative reform and technology transformation on their business operations, supply chains and capital structures. The globally connected EY approach will be invaluable as clients look to redefine their tax functions and plan for the future,” says Barton.

ACFE Names New President and CEO

Bruce Dorris

Bruce Dorris

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has named Bruce Dorris as the new CEO and president, succeeding longtime leader James Ratley, who will be retiring. Ratley’s retirement will occur on his 30th anniversary with the ACFE.

Dorris, a former prosecutor who specialized in cases involving white collar crime, has been vice president and program director at the ACFE.

“He has one of the brightest minds around, and I am confident he will put his own personal stamp on our continued growth and professional direction,” says Joseph Wells, Founder and Chairman. “While significant changes require foresight and organization, we have planned for the transition from Jim to Bruce to be seamless.”

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PKF Texas Announces Changes to Management Structure

Gary Voth

Gary Voth

Effective Jan. 1, Houston-based Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas (FY16 net revenue of $24.2 million) announced changes to their management structure, which included creating three new positions: chief growth officer, chief culture officer and chief financial officer.

Gary Voth will serve as the chairman of the board. Voth has been with the firm since 2005 and a member of the management committee since 2012.

“As our industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we believe this new management structure will allow us to address these changes by utilizing our individual strengths and passions, while continuing to focus on providing excellent client service and an award-winning firm culture for the benefit of our clients and team members,” says Voth.

Byron Hebert

Byron Hebert

Byron Hebert will serve as the chief growth officer, responsible for ensuring the growth of the firm, developing recommendations for growth initiatives and executing the firm’s growth strategy. Hebert has been with the firm since 2004 and a member of the management committee since 2012.

Sonia Freeman will serve as the chief culture officer, responsible for maintaining the culture and operations of the firm, developing recommendations for cultural initiatives and executing the firm’s culture strategy. Freeman has been with the firm since 1985 and has served in various roles, most recently as audit practice leader and a member of the management committee since 2005.

Sonia Freeman

Sonia Freeman

Frank Landreneau will serve as the chief financial officer, responsible for ensuring the financial profitability and stability of the firm, as well as ensuring the capitalization strategy and utilization of the firm’s resources are consistent with the firm’s growth and culture initiatives. Landreneau has been with the firm since 2005.

Del Walker will continue to serve as the tax practice leader and Michael Veuleman will serve as audit practice leader.

Frank Landreneau

Frank Landreneau

A transition period for the new structure has begun and is expected to be complete by early 2019. Kenneth Guidry, as a founding shareholder of PKF Texas, will continue with the firm through the transition period and until his anticipated retirement in 2020.

“I am excited about the next generation of leadership and pleased that our shareholders are committed to continuing the vision of the firm’s founders – for PKF Texas to be the premier independent middle-market firm in Houston,” says Guidry. “We are also committed to continuing investment in our team members’ professional growth and development to deliver the exceptional service our clients have come to expect from us.”

BDO USA Names Wilson as Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer

Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson

Chicago-based BDO USA (FY17 net revenue of $1.4 billion) named Blake Wilson as the new chief compliance and ethics officer. He succeeds John Lucas, who will retire from BDO in June after 40 years with the firm. Lucas will work to transition his responsibilities to Wilson in the interim.

“He is extremely well-qualified for this role,” says Wayne Berson, CEO of BDO USA. “His previous experience at the PCAOB gives him valuable insight into the regulatory perspective, and his integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. I’d also like to thank John for his long service and for setting the bar so high as the firm’s first chief compliance and ethics officer, a position established in 2012.”

The chief compliance and ethics officer is responsible for directing the compliance and ethics office to effectively manage risk, prevent and detect criminal conduct, and ensure firm compliance with internal policies and procedures and applicable external regulatory guidelines.

“I’m honored to be named the firm’s chief compliance and ethics officer, and take the responsibility very seriously,” says Wilson. “John has laid down a high standard, but I’m confident I’ll be able to draw on his experiences during the transition and incorporate them into my new role.”

Wilson has more than 20 years of accounting experience. As a national assurance partner, he has been responsible for evaluating and enhancing the firm’s quality control processes and educating engagement teams regarding compliance with PCAOB auditing standards. Prior to joining BDO, Wilson was an associate director in the PCAOB’s division of registration and inspections, serving in various roles within the PCAOB’s global network firm program, which oversees the inspections of the world’s six largest audit firm networks.

IPA Spotlight On … Eric Hansen, Chair, AICPA

Name: Eric Hansen

Title: Chair

Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen



  • COO of BKD CPAs & Advisors, oversees firmwide operations and acts as liaison between BKD’s national office and its four regions.
  •  Became AICPA chair Feb. 1 and will serve in that capacity until May 2019.
  • An Eagle Scout, he extolled the virtues of preparation and anticipation in his acceptance speech following his election as chair.
  • Was part of the leadership team responsible for the launch the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (Association), which represents 650,000 members and students worldwide.

What are your top goals as chair?

The way I see it, there are three actions we must take today to be ready for tomorrow. First, we must harness technology to create more value for clients and businesses by elevating quality in existing services and taking the lead in emerging areas. This includes a focus on auditing in the future, and new and emerging attest services. Second, we must embrace our role in a hyper-connected, global society, extending our influence to protect the public interest amid increasing complexity. Creating the Association was a huge step toward a platform that helps us pursue this goal. And third, we must invest in our most important asset – our people – by evolving skills and competencies, advancing learning opportunities and cultivating future leaders.

What more should be done to advance CPAs’ understanding and implementation of AI, blockchain and data analytics?

One area of focus for the Association is integrating data analytics into the auditing process to enhance quality and maintain the relevance of this foundational CPA service. The AICPA and Rutgers Business School are partnering on a research initiative to demonstrate how this integration of data analytics can lead to auditing advancements. We also must focus on developing the higher-order competencies. To that end, we launched a new version of the Uniform CPA Exam last year that places a greater emphasis on cognitive skills such as critical thinking and analytical ability. My advice here is simple. Every member of our profession needs to take personal responsibility for the development of the skills they need to succeed in the future. Don’t wait for it to come your way.

As a former member of AICPA Task Force on the Future of Learning, what changes do you foresee in the AICPA’s educational offerings?

Through the Future of Learning initiative, we are transforming the way learning is delivered with innovative technologies that blend text, audio, graphics, video, 3-D animation and interactivity to enhance learning. Social learning, virtual group study and interactive exercises increase engagement with hands-on application. We’re also making use of new learning models, launching a new bite-sized learning series called Human Intelligence, which is focused on the skills and competencies needed for success in the future. And then there is our leadership development. The AICPA Leadership Academy was established to address succession planning and to increase diversity and inclusion in leadership. Beyond that, we are expanding access to competency-enhancing tools and resources through the Association. Our research on the future of finance will be used to update the competency framework and syllabus for CGMA.

How do you envision the scope and reach of professional accountancy expanding in an increasingly connected world?

It is essential for today’s leaders to look beyond definitions, demographics and geographic dimensions that once constrained the scope and reach of professional accountancy. I’m a CGMA, as well as a CPA, so I’m aware of the need to serve clients and the public interest with a holistic, global focus. Public accounting’s focus on auditing and taxes remains a critical part of the business world. And the value management accounting brings to the corporate finance function is equally important. Both disciplines are likely to grow in importance as our global society becomes both more immediate and more complex. Our new Association, formed with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, is all about meeting the challenges of our increasingly hyper-connected world.

Final thoughts?

You and I see the rapid pace of change – in the world of accounting and all around us. What’s needed to meet the challenge such change brings is a bias for action and the courage to be bold. As my fellow Missourian, and former U.S. President Harry Truman said, “Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” At the AICPA, I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many skilled, courageous leaders who share that bias for action. Working together, we’ll make the CPA profession even more relevant in the future than it is today.

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Born Joins Perelson Weiner as CEO

Lynne Born

Lynne Born

Perelson Weiner (FY16 net revenue of $24.3 million) of New York, welcomed Lynne Born as CEO.

As CEO, Born focuses on strategic planning and go-to-market initiatives in a variety of niche, industry and service areas that drive the firm’s business objectives forward. She specializes in succession planning, growth and change management, and the design of best in class leadership and development programs for next generation career path. She has served as a leader in one of the largest multi-family offices in the country serving high-net-worth business owners and multi-generational families.

“This is a new position at Perelson Weiner,” says Ronald Weiner, president of the firm. “Lynne’s expertise in professional service firm management as well in financial and high-net-worth services will help us grow qualitatively. Importantly, her approach is consistent with our client service driven firm’s values as we are committed to making a positive difference for our clients.”

Andersen Tax Welcomes New Office Managing Director and Regional Managing Director

Lance Lamprecht

Lance Lamprecht

San Francisco-based Andersen Tax (FY16 net revenue of $220.2 million) welcomed Lance Lamprecht as office managing director of the Seattle office and Susan Swartz as regional managing director of the West region.

“One of the attributes of a great organization is orderly succession of leadership positions, and we are fortunate to have outstanding, committed individuals that do a fantastic job of representing our managing directors and our firm. Both Lance and Susan are great leaders and the Seattle office and the West region will experience continued growth under their stewardship,” says country MP, Dan DePaoli.

Lamprecht has nearly 30 years of experience in advising clients on tax matters. His main practice areas are state and local tax planning, compliance and research. His experience includes designing optimal business and operating structures to minimize a company’s state and local tax exposure and identifying opportunities to minimize state taxes relating to acquisitions, divestitures and other reorganizations. Lamprecht’s new role will involve managing growth in the Pacific Northwest as well as continuing to work with clients and staff on a daily basis.

Susan Swartz

Susan Swartz

Swartz provides a broad range of tax planning and compliance services to high-net-worth individuals, family groups and closely held businesses with sophisticated business, personal and investment objectives. Her primary practice areas include partnerships, S corporations, limited liability companies and special allocations and passive-activity issues.

“Susan was formerly the office managing director of the Seattle office, and that experience will help provide broader perspective as she steps into this new regional role,” says Mark Vorsatz, CEO and global chairman. “Additionally, Lance exemplifies the qualities and values of our firm, most significantly through his work with his peers and team. I am optimistic about the next chapter of the West Coast under Susan and Lance’s leadership.”

TIAG Announces Several Additions to Advisory Board

International accounting association TIAG welcomed four new advisory board members including:

  • Florence Bastin of Luxembourgbased FLUX;
  • Basil Bielich of Browne Craine and Co. of Douglas, Isle of Man, U.K.;
  • Rebecca Goodman-Stephens of New York-based Berdon LLP; and
  • Wendy On of Los Angeles-based Fineman West & Co.

Various roles of the advisory board include assisting TIAG’s management in reviewing prospective new members, offering feedback for the planning of international conferences and providing valuable guidance on future plans and initiatives. The advisory board holds meetings at TIAG’s semi-annual international conferences.

“These are exciting times for TIAG,” says Richard Attisha, president and CEO of TIAG and TAG Alliances. “Our profile in the global accounting marketplace is rapidly expanding and the advisory board is an integral part to the continued success of our organization. We rely heavily on their advice and counsel, and I am delighted to welcome our new advisory board members.”

View additional TIAG advisory board members here.  

CAMICO Welcomes New VP of Sales, Marketing and Communications

Michael Ryder

Michael Ryder

CPA insurance agency, CAMICO of San Mateo, Calif., named Michael Ryder as vice president of sales, marketing and communications.

Ryder has more than 25 years of experience in professional liability insurance programs, sales and program development, marketing, management and underwriting. Prior to joining CAMICO, he was executive underwriter for AmTrust E&S Insurance Services in San Diego, where he managed a portfolio of professional lines excess and surplus products and was responsible for business development, relationship management, risk selection and underwriting.

Ryder began his insurance career as a partner in IBSC Insurance Services in San Diego as vice president of marketing and sales, managing a variety of professional liability insurance programs and products before becoming president and CEO. He transitioned the company from a retail agency to a managing general underwriter and program administrator. When IBSC was acquired by a national wholesaler in 2007, he stayed on as its national program director of specialty programs and was responsible for all professional lines program management, sales and marketing distribution, personnel and underwriting.

“Mike’s experience and leadership in so many facets of professional insurance and risk management programs contribute significantly to CAMICO,” says Ric Rosario, CEO and president of CAMICO. “His participation on our team also further strengthens the support we provide our policyholders.”