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KPMG Bulks Up Management Team

New York-based Big 4 firm KPMG announced several new additions to its management team:

  • Greg Engel is succeeding Jeffrey LeSage as vice chair of tax.
  • Scott Flynn is succeeding Frank Casal as vice chair of audit.
  • Tandra Jackson has been named vice chair of growth and strategy.
  • Will Williams is succeeding COO Laura Newinski as vice chair of operations.

The above individuals will join four leaders who will continue in their roles on the management team: Darren Burton as vice chair of HR, Lisa Madden as vice chair of risk management, Tonya Robinson as vice chair and general counsel – legal, regulatory and compliance – and Claudia Saran as vice chair of culture.

“Our management team will harness the talents and capabilities of the entire firm to empower our clients and our people to confidently meet today’s challenges and thrive in the future,” says chairman and CEO Paul Knopp. “As we begin to write a new chapter for our firm, one that is built on integrity, growth and execution, we will differentiate ourselves in the market by the quality of our people and our services, and the strength of our culture and values.”

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IPA 200 Firm Admits Patrick Mangan as Shareholder

Patrick Mangan

West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Caler Donten Levine Cohen Porter & Veil PA, an IPA 200 firm, has admitted Patrick Mangan as a shareholder.

Mangan joined the firm in 2016 and specializes in income and estate tax planning, compliance for high-net-worth clients and gift and generation-skipping transfer tax issues. He was instrumental in opening the firm’s office in Stuart, Fla., in 2017.

“In less than four years, Patrick has contributed to changes in our work environment and mentoring our staff,” says firm president and shareholder Lou Cohen. “Patrick has maintained leadership roles in improving firm processes, recruiting, networking and marketing, which in turn has had a positive impact on the firm’s development and growth.”

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CohnReznick Adds Two to Executive Board

Sheslie Royster

New York-based CohnReznick, an IPA 100 firm, announced the election of partners Sheslie Royster and Kristen Soles to its executive board. They will serve three-year terms, along with Northeast regional MP Alan Wolfson, who was re-elected.

Kristen Soles

With more than 30 years of experience in partnership taxation, federal and state tax energy incentives, financial instruments and transaction taxation and corporate tax, Royster leads the firm’s tax practice out of its Baltimore office. Soles leads the government contracting industry practice in Tysons, Va., specializing in FAR/CAS compliance, indirect cost rate structuring, cost reporting and final incurred cost proposal compliance.

“Considering today’s challenging business environment, the role of our board takes on even greater importance in establishing and driving CohnReznick’s strategic priorities,” says CEO David Kessler. “Sheslie and Kristen bring forth unique qualifications and leadership skills that will help CohnReznick and our clients capitalize on the many different opportunities that lie ahead.”

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John Lauseng Takes Over at Aldrich

John Lauseng

Having served as CEO-elect for most of the past year, John Lauseng has been selected to take over as CEO of the Aldrich Group of Companies, a collective that includes Salem, Ore.-based IPA 100 firm Aldrich CPAs + Advisors LLP.

“Our board unanimously selected John as CEO-elect almost a year ago and ever since John has demonstrated his ability to lead our firm while exceeding our expectations,” says Scott Daniels, chairman of the Aldrich board of partners. “We look forward to the future and are confident in John’s ability to lead our culture and expansion efforts.”

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Robert Shea to Lead Public Policy Group at Grant Thornton

Robert Shea

Chicago-based Grant Thornton, an IPA 100 firm, has named Robert Shea as the new national MP of its public policy group. Shea will assume the role effective Aug. 1, taking over for the retiring Mary Moore Hamrick.

In his new role, Shea will serve as the firm’s primary liaison with members of Congress, serve as the chair of the firm’s political action committee and represent the firm’s policy positions with the accounting profession’s standards-setters, regulators and other policymakers. He will also retain his existing role as a principal in the strategy practice at Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC.

Prior to his last 10 years with Grant Thornton Shea served for six years as the associate director for the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), where he led an award-winning initiative to measure government programs using its Program Assessment Rating Tool and oversaw programs to implement large-scale personnel reform at the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

“Robert’s sterling credentials and track record improving federal governance make him the ideal person to represent Grant Thornton among policymakers,” says Grant Thornton CEO Brad Preber. “Moreover, he will be a leading voice for the accounting and consulting profession as it helps America surmount the historic disruptions and daunting challenges it now faces.”

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BKD Names New Leader for Telecommunications Practice

Cheryl Clauson

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD, an IPA 100 firm, has named partner Cheryl Clauson as the new leader of the firm’s telecommunications practice.

Clauson has extensive telecommunications experience among her more than 25 years in the profession. Among other duties, she has helped clients develop new business ventures and improve the financial performance of existing services, managed telecommunication company audits and provided services related to acquisition due diligence procedures in the industry.

“I’m very excited to have Cheryl take on this leadership role for the telecom niche,” says Jeffrey Naig, MP of the firm’s Des Moines, Iowa, and Madison, Wis., offices. “Under her leadership, I’m confident we will continue to develop and grow into the future while working closely with our existing telecom clients.”

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Carlos Ferreira to Lead Private Equity Services at Grant Thornton

Carlos Ferreira

Carlos Ferreira is the new national MP of private equity services for Chicago-based IPA 100 firm Grant Thornton. Ferreira will assume the role effective August 1, taking over for the retiring Doug Gawrych.

In his new role, Ferreira will lead the strategic direction for a range of private equity services, including areas such as growth, transformation, operations, resilience, compliance and diligence. He will also serve on the firm’s national leadership team, and will retain his role as the global co-leader for transaction advisory services at Grant Thornton International Ltd.

As a transaction advisory partner, Ferreira previously led the advisory services practice for Grant Thornton’s metro New York and New England market territory, supporting transaction strategies for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. His almost 25 years of experience includes work in buy- and sell-side due diligence, integration and exits for private equity investors and cross-border transactions in Europe, South America, Africa, North America and Asia.

“Carlos is an outstanding leader who will step into a critical role during a time of historic disruption and uncertainty,” says Grant Thornton CEO Brad Preber. “He will ensure we are consistently providing quality, value and innovative solutions to help our private equity clients.”

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CPA Canada Names New President and CEO

Charles-Antoine St-Jean

Charles-Antoine St-Jean has been appointed president and CEO of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). St-Jean’s appointment becomes effective on July 20, as he takes over for the retiring Joy Thomas.

St-Jean has worked with multiple government, corporate and not-for-profit stakeholders throughout his career, and has served as Comptroller General of Canada and chair of the Public Sector Accounting Board.

“Charles-Antoine comes with an exceptional track record and has the leadership and professional skills the board believes are required to lead CPA Canada forward,” says CPA Canada board chair Amanda Whitewood. “He will work with CPA Canada’s strong internal team and the CPA bodies across Canada and Bermuda, bringing a fresh perspective as we tackle the challenges the profession faces today and in the future.”

Nelson Luis Joins EisnerAmper

Nelson Luis

New York-based EisnerAmper, an IPA 100 firm, has admitted Nelson Luis as a principal in its forensic, litigation and valuations services group. Luis will also lead the forensics practice in the firm’s Philadelphia office.

Luis’ experience advising clients on complex domestic and cross-border forensic, dispute, litigation and fraud investigation matters includes managing more than 150 cross-border investigations across several continents.

“Nelson has clearly made a great name for himself in the forensic, litigation and valuation world,” says Allen Wilen, national director of EisnerAmper’s Financial Advisory Services (FAS) group. “We enthusiastically welcome him to the firm, and we’re confident Nelson will be an enormous asset to clients in our growing FAS Group.”

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Mazars USA Brings on New CMO

Ian Duncan

New York-based Mazars USA, an IPA 100 firm, has hired Ian Duncan as the firm’s new chief marketing officer. Prior to joining Mazars, Duncan led a worldwide brand transformation as the global brand leader for PwC.

“Ian’s 25 plus years of experience delivering transformative marketing solutions to organizations around the world will be of immense value as we continue to pursue our strategic growth plans,” says chairman and CEO Victor Wahba. “His multinational career and expertise in taking globally-recognized organizations to the next level will be an important step in positioning Mazars USA for the future.”

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