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Miller Kaplan Admits Mark Flanagan as Partner

Mark Flanagan

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan has admitted Mark Flanagan as a partner in its San Francisco office.

Flanagan has over 30 years of experience in the profession, having served previously as partner of a national firm and as CFO for two separate investment management companies.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mark to the team,” says Miller Kaplan MP Doug Waite. “His unique skill set will be a valuable resource for our employee benefit plan, labor organization and private enterprise clients.”

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Miller Kaplan Admits Four Partners

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan has announced the admission of four professionals to its partner group – Daniel Imm, David Lam, Macgregor Waite and Jesse Ward.

All have risen through the ranks of Miller Kaplan except Lam, the former vice president of Citadel Information Group, which Miller Kaplan acquired earlier this year. Lam is launching a new information security management service line.

“Each of these new partners will be a valuable asset to our clients and staff,” says MP Doug Waite. “They each bring proven expertise in their respective fields and a fresh perspective to the partnership and clients.”

Imm, located in Los Angeles, provides financial statement audits to employee benefit plans, nonprofits and private enterprise clients.

Lam, based in Los Angeles, has been managing information for small and medium businesses including custom software development, systems management and information security. He is a former chief information officer and chief information security officer.

Waite, son of Doug Waite, began his career with Miller Kaplan in Los Angeles and is now a leader in the firm’s San Francisco office. He serves the employee benefit plan and labor organization industries.

Ward, located in San Francisco, first joined the firm in 2010 and is an expert in the firm’s audit services, primarily working with labor organizations, employee benefit plans and apprenticeship programs.

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Miller Kaplan Acquires Information Security Company, Citadel

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan has acquired Citadel Information Group of Los Angeles.

Citadel provides information security management services to businesses and the nonprofit community.

Founded in 2002 by Stan Stahl and Kimberly Pease, the firm was expanded in 2014 to add information security expert David Lam. Citadel’s mission has been to provide a wide range of information security management services including vulnerability assessments, staff awareness training, security management of the IT network, incident response and business continuity planning, and Virtual-CISO (vCISO), among others.

“The need for expert information security services is essential these days,” says Doug Waite, MP at Miller Kaplan. “We’re proud to now offer our clients the vital information security analyses and expertise they need.”

Stahl, a pioneer in the field of information security, began his career securing teleconferencing at the White House and databases inside Cheyenne Mountain, as well as the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan.

“In today’s new normal, businesses must manage the security and privacy of information with the same discipline that they manage finance and other critical business operations,” says Stahl. “Senior management must make sure IT is securely managing the network while adapting the organization’s culture so all staff have the knowledge, skills and commitment needed to meet the ongoing challenge of protecting identities and profits.”

Pease has implemented computer systems for a wide range of organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe, and led installation projects at the Pentagon, the Government Printing Office and many state government offices.

Lam has been managing information for small and medium businesses including custom software development, systems management and information security for 32 years. He is a former Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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Miller Kaplan Admits New Partner

Puzant Kazanjian

Puzant Kazanjian

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan announces Puzant Kazanjian has been admitted as a partner.

Kazanjian, with 13 years of public accounting experience, specializes in audit and assurance services for employee benefit plans, labor organizations and nonprofit organizations.

“Puzant has been a reliable resource for our clients and the firm,” says MP Doug Waite. “We know he will offer a fresh perspective to the partnership and be a valuable asset to our clients.”

Kazanjian, based in the firm’s Los Angeles office, will be expanding his scope of work to also include employer compliance audits – which is an extension of the work that he has been performing – and will be assisting the firm as it continues to develop and update management systems and technology.

“I look forward to helping the firm further develop its management systems. With so many of our team members working remotely, staying current with evolving technology is essential to effectively managing that team while providing consistent, reliable service for our clients,” says Kazanjian.

Miller Kaplan Admits Two New Partners

Catalina Kirby

Catalina Kirby

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan Arase admitted Catalina Kirby and Nicholas Sanchez as partners effective March 1.

Kirby has 12 years of public accounting experience and specializes in financial statement audits of employee benefit plans. Sanchez, an attorney for nearly 15 years, specializes in tax consulting, controversy tax opinions, and the issues raised by funds of money established to resolve claims.

“With proven expertise in their respective fields, I expect this younger generation of partners will energize the firm and play a significant role in our continued growth,” says Doug Waite, MP.

Nicholas Sanchez

Nicholas Sanchez

Kirby, located in Seattle for the last two years, first joined the North Hollywood office in 2006. She has focused on employee benefit plans – providing financial statements, agreed-upon procedures, and reviews, and has experience with financial statements for nonprofit organizations.

Sanchez, based out of the firm’s San Francisco office, began his career at Damasco & Associates (which joined Miller Kaplan in 2016) where he helped seek 19 private letter rulings from the IRS. He provides his clients with consulting and compliance services regarding information returns and withholding, offers general tax advisory services, and advises clients with respect to the tax implications of settlements and judgements – whether arising out of class action litigation, administrative enforcement actions, bankruptcies or receiverships.

Damasco & Associates Joins Miller Kaplan

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan Arase (FY15 gross revenue of $38 million) announced that the tax and consulting experts at Damasco & Associates have joined the firm – further expanding its reach through new locations and services.

The tax services offered by Miller Kaplan are strengthened through Damasco & Associates, with its years of experience helping closely held businesses, family groups and highly compensated individuals with tax compliance, planning and controversies. Damasco & Associates is well known for its national expertise in solving tax issues raised by settlements, judgments, complex distributions and funds of money established to resolve claims.

With the addition of Damasco & Associates, Miller Kaplan gains offices in Half Moon Bay, Calif., and Hailey, Idaho – expanding the firm’s services through the San Francisco Bay area and into the Sun Valley, Idaho, community. The firm will have a more comprehensive network of offices serving the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West.

“We are always looking for ways to better serve our clients,” says Doug Waite, MP at Miller Kaplan. “The additional locations and niche services that the experts at Damasco & Associates bring to our firm enable us to function in more markets and continue to offer our clients an ever-broadening array of practice areas.”

As new partners at Miller Kaplan, Julia Mandeville Damasco, who holds a LLM in taxation in addition to a JD, and Jude Damasco, who has a master’s degree in taxation, will share decades of experience and client service in the areas of tax, consulting and controversy services.

Miller Kaplan Arase Expands Media Practice

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan Arase (FY15 gross revenue of $38 million) has reached an agreement with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors to assume its broadcast client relationships.

Millar Kaplan Arase currently prepares market revenue share and other reporting for a majority of the U.S. television markets and will now take on the added reporting responsibility in about 40 television broadcast markets, including: Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas, which were previously served by Hungerford Nichols.

“We are very excited to be able to introduce the capabilities of our online reporting platform and team of media specialists to the management and sales executives of the television stations in these markets,” says Millar Kaplan Arase’s media partner, Andrew Rosen, in a statement. “We are also very pleased that we will now be able to provide more comprehensive reporting to the ownership groups that oversee the stations in the more than 120 TV markets we now serve”.

Miller Kaplan Arase is a Baker Tilly International member firm. It works with 2,500 media properties within TV, radio, outdoor and other mediums and counts virtually every radio and television broadcasting company in the country as a client. The acquisition signals Hungerford Nichols’ exit from the broadcast industry after 40 years.

Miller Kaplan Arase Admits Partner to the Firm

Vincent Leoni

Vincent Leoni

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan Arase (FY14 net revenue of $36.6 million) has announced the addition of Vincent Leoni as a partner in the licensing and royalties practice.

Douglas Waite, MP, says, “It’s a pleasure to welcome Vince to the partnership. His depth of licensing and entertainment industry knowledge and proven leadership will help drive the future of our firm.”

Leoni has more than 27 years of experience performing entertainment consulting, royalty / contract compliance and profit participation examinations. He performs these services on behalf of licensors, owners of intellectual property, film studios, production companies, recording artists, music publishers, profit participants and software developers.