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Wendy Cama to Lead Audit Services at Crowe

Wendy Cama

Wendy Cama is the new MP of audit services for Chicago-based IPA 100 firm Crowe, taking over the role from Mark Baer, who is preparing to become the firm’s new CEO in April of 2021.

Cama, who recently served as the Northeast regional audit leader for the firm, has more than three decades of audit experience, specializing in the financial services industry. She has held several leadership roles, including being elected as the first woman to chair the Crowe board of directors in 2016. She currently serves as OMP in New York.

“Taking on this new role is not only a well-deserved highlight in Wendy’s accomplished career here at Crowe, but a milestone for the firm as she becomes our first female business unit managing partner,” says Crowe CEO Jim Powers. “Wendy embodies the firm’s core values of care, share, invest and grow. She leads by example and is a trusted resource for her clients and colleagues. Wendy will be an incredible steward for maintaining the highest standards of audit quality for the firm and the profession.”

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New Chief Diversity Officer is a First for Crowe

Chris Mitchell

Chicago-based Crowe (FY19 net revenue of $951.9 million) has appointed Chris Mitchell as the firm’s first chief diversity officer.

A consulting principal within the firm’s technology, media and telecommunications services group for the past six years, Mitchell will be tasked in his new role with supporting a culture of inclusion in line with the firm’s vision and strategy. He had previously chaired Crowe’s Inclusion Excellence Council, which focuses on the firm’s diversity efforts.

“The firm needs to continue building, promoting and sustaining an inclusive work environment where each person feels a sense of belonging and is inspired to bring their best each day,” Crowe CEO Jim Powers says. “As we continue to dedicate resources to this goal, we felt it was important to appoint someone to lead and be held accountable for the continued progress toward our vision.”

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Mark Baer to Take Reins as Crowe CEO Next Year

Mark Baer

Mark Baer

Chicago-based Crowe (FY19 net revenue of $951.9 million) has announced that firm veteran Mark Baer will be appointed CEO effective April 1, 2021, when current CEO Jim Powers completes his second and firm-mandated final term. The firm’s CEO succession plan includes a one-year transition period for Powers and Baer to work together.

Baer has been the MP of Crowe’s audit and assurance services area for the past five years. He has also served the firm as a member of Crowe’s firmwide management committee, CEO advisory council and partner screening committee. Baer worked with a Big 4 firm for 10 years before joining Crowe in 2001 and being admitted as a partner in 2003.

“Mark was chosen to lead our firm for many reasons but primarily due to his visionary mindset with a focus on our digital transformation, his track record of successful leadership of our audit and assurance practice and his commitment to audit quality,” says Dawnella Johnson, Crowe board chair. “He’s a strong communicator and inspirational leader, with a concentration on building talent and teams.”

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Crowe Admits 34 Partners and Principals

Chicago-based Crowe (FY19 net revenue of $951.9 million) has elected the following 34 new partners and principals. These new roles will be effective April 1, 2020.

  • Sarah Allen-Anthony, tax services, South Bend, Ind.
  • Mark Andrews, tax services, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Dan Balla, audit and assurance services, South Bend, Ind.
  • Nicholas Bennett, audit and assurance services, New York
  • Donielle Borgo, tax services, San Francisco
  • Tamara Bowen, consulting, Chicago
  • Stephen Buckner, audit and assurance services, Sacramento, Calif.
  • Giulio Camerini, consulting, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Marc Claybon, tax services, Denver
  • Jamshid Ebadi, consulting, Denver
  • Eric Ference, advisory services, Chicago
  • Amar Gandhi, consulting, Chicago
  • Kevin Gilbreath, tax services, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Mike Grob, consulting, Chicago
  • Sharon Jones, tax services, South Bend, Ind.
  • Paul Jordan, advisory services, South Bend, Ind.
  • Robert Kollar, advisory services, Atlanta
  • Kristin Kranich, tax services, San Francisco
  • Michael Levy, tax services, New York
  • Dave McKnight, consulting, Chicago
  • Sergei Mytko, tax services, Los Angeles
  • Chris Oliva, tax services, New York
  • Kyle Owens, firm risk management, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Corey Pfeifer, tax services, New York
  • Bryan Rector, consulting, Indianapolis
  • Art Salvadori, audit and assurance services, Hartford, Conn.
  • Doug Sayad, audit and assurance services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • AJ Schiavone, tax services, Columbus, Ohio
  • Beau Schwegman, audit and assurance services, Livingston, N.J.
  • Nicole Spiker, audit and assurance services, Columbus, Ohio
  • Janelle Sprinzl, audit and assurance services, Livingston, N.J.
  • Kristin Steinhauser, tax services, Columbus, Ohio
  • Gayle Woodbury, consulting, off-site
  • Leslie Yates, audit and assurance services, South Bend, Ind.

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Crowe Appoints First Chief Information Security Officer, New Chief Risk Officer

Chicago-based Crowe (FY19 net revenue of $951.9 million) has named Rex Voorheis as the firm’s first chief information security officer and Steve Strammello as the new chief risk officer.

Voorheis has been with Crowe for 20 years, leading the enterprise information security and privacy functions for the past decade. During this time, the Crowe information security and privacy team has grown to nearly 30 security professionals. In his new officer role, Voorheis is responsible for the Crowe information security and privacy functions, developing information security strategy, defining information security requirements and practices, and working with clients to address security-related questions.

“Our clients entrust us with their sensitive data and it’s our responsibility to put policies, processes and technologies in place to allow us to best serve our clients while protecting data and addressing any regulations that may apply,” Voorheis says.

Strammello, a 26-year veteran of the firm, succeeds Fred Bauters, who is retiring in April 2020. Strammello’s responsibilities include oversight of the firm’s general counsel and audit quality functions, as well as management of the firm’s enterprise risk management program.

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Crowe Opens Houston Office

Chicago-based Crowe LLP (FY19 net revenue of $951.9 million) opened its first office in Houston to accommodate its growth in Texas and the South, bringing its total offices to 41.

The space provides easy access to area clients, as well as a central location for personnel who already live in the area. Located at 405 Main St., the office is in a revitalized area of downtown near Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. Built in 1909, the building was constructed on the site of the first official home for the president of the Republic of Texas.

“Our new office helps us expand our upmarket opportunities in this dynamic city,” says Dickie Heathcott, OMP of the Houston and Dallas offices. “We’re looking forward to continuing to serve existing clients and working with even more of the high-profile companies that call Houston home.”

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Crowe Introduces Lease Accounting Software Built for Government Entities

Chicago-based Crowe (FY18 net revenue of $888.6 million) has launched a new tool to help governments comply with recently adopted accounting rules related to leases.

Under the new rules, required by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), government entities must analyze their current lease catalog. Crowe has created the Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer to track, account for and report on lessee and lessor leases, Crowe announced.

The Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer for public sector:

  • ​Tracks lessee and lessor leases
  • Automatically generates variable payments
  • Automates the lease payment processes and eliminates duplicate data entry, making lease accounting compliance less labor-intensive
  • Provides built-in audit controls and lease payment traceability
  • ​Performs instant cash flow and lease analysis

“Public entities can often be both a lessor and lessee, making their overall lease portfolio incredibly complex,” says Tom Reznicek, Crowe performance consulting principal. “We developed this tool to provide critical analyses and automate processes to not only help meet the GASB compliance standards, but also assist public sector entities in running their day-to-day operations better.”

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Crowe Elects 24 Partners and Principals

Chicago-based Crowe (FY18 net revenue of $888.6 million) has elected the following 24 new partners and principals. These new roles will be effective April 1, 2019.

  • Heather Bossenga, audit services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Clint Brasier, tax services, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Tracey Coyne, performance consulting, Chicago
  • Jill Czerwinski, risk consulting, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Erika Del Giudice, audit services, Chicago
  • Mike Del Giudice, risk consulting, Chicago
  • Katie Glaudel, audit services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Gina Green, audit services, Dallas
  • Brian Kerby, advisory services, Chicago
  • Jon Klunk, tax services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Wil Knibloe, advisory services, Off-site
  • Brittney Kocaj, tax services, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Bob Lavoy, performance consulting, Chicago
  • Ben Matherly, tax services, Indianapolis
  • Brian Myers, tax services, Indianapolis
  • Sindy Nicholson, audit services, Denver
  • JooHee Ohk, tax services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Jeff Palgon, audit services, Atlanta
  • Esteban Salinas, performance consulting, Sacramento, Calif.
  • Scott Schmucker, audit services, Elkhart, Ind.
  • Mark Shannon, firm risk management, Off-site
  • Christine Smith, tax services, Oak Brook, Ill.
  • Aazan St. Rose, audit services, Miami
  • Travis Ward, tax services, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Crowe LLP Welcomes Asset Optimization Group

Brian Sanderson

Chicago-based Crowe (FY18 net revenue of $888.6 million) has signed an agreement to buy Asset Optimization Group (AOG) from Hylant Group.

AOG is a health care technology and consulting firm specializing in a data-driven approach to asset management. The transaction is expected to be completed on Dec. 1.

The AOG platform integrates with health care systems’ existing data systems to provide extensive asset management services for revenue-generating assets and related equipment. By capturing and organizing millions of data points, the system generates relevant and actionable data analytics that allow health systems to alter strategy, tactics and cost structure to enhance performance.

Based in Toledo, Ohio, the AOG team brings deeply specialized knowledge and experience. As part of the transaction, one principal will join Crowe. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Brian Sanderson, managing principal, Crowe health care services, says. “At Crowe, we’ve seen the power that data-driven analytics can provide to hospitals and health systems, so this will help expand our capabilities to help health care clients to further understand, explain and improve margins.”

Andy Suhy, AOG founder and president, says, “By integrating the AOG technology platform, analytics and methodologies into the Crowe suite of technology solutions, we fully expect to create the health care industry’s most comprehensive data-driven improvement solution.”

Crowe LLP Welcomes Sixred Team

Chicago-based Crowe (FY18 net revenue of $888.6 million) has signed an agreement to welcome personnel from Sixred, an award-winning software consultancy specializing in cloud-based enterprise solutions from Oracle NetSuite, Adaptive Insights, Avalara and Dell Boomi.

The transaction is expected to be complete on Dec. 1.

The Sixred team brings specialized knowledge and experience in the Oracle NetSuite platform, which supports more than 40,000 organizations around the world. The Sixred team is an eight-time Oracle NetSuite 5-Star Award winner with a global client base representing technology, software, media, manufacturing, finance, insurance, health care and retail industries, among others.

As part of the transaction, one principal and two managing directors will join Crowe. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Sixred and the NetSuite platform extend our capabilities to provide transformative, cloud-based solutions to targeted industry vertical markets,” says Josh Cole, managing principal, Crowe performance consulting.

“Crowe and Sixred’s shared core values make this a tremendous opportunity for our clients, employees, and partners to benefit in a positive and meaningful way,” says Adnan Patel, managing partner for the Sixred team.