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RoseRyan Partners with Tech Firm

RoseRyan of Newark, Calif., has entered into a new strategic partnership with AST Private Company Solutions that will allow the firm to utilize AST’s Astrella capitalization table and ownership data management platform.

Astrella is a new cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that brings together blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. RoseRyan professionals will use Astrella to support private companies that require ownership tracking and exit modeling and integrate the data into their client company’s financial reporting.

“During every critical phase of the company, and even during economic turmoil as we are now are experiencing, companies depend on RoseRyan to provide the right level of financial expertise and support,” says RoseRyan CEO Dave Roberson. “Working with the leadership team of Astrella and their other partners, we find the same collaborative fit as we promote in our culture at RoseRyan.”

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RoseRyan Vice President David Roberson Named CEO

David Roberson

RoseRyan of Newark, Calif., announced that David Roberson will lead the firm as CEO on Jan. 1.

Roberson, who led Hitachi Data Systems as CEO, joined the firm last year as vice president. He is also the chief executive of RoseRyan subsidiary Kukuza Associates, which concentrates solely on the cannabis market.

Founder Kathy Ryan will transition from CEO to chair while retaining ownership of the Silicon Valley finance and accounting consulting firm she co-founded 26 years ago.

She will continue to work with clients, and will play a large role in RoseRyan’s strategic planning and investments, and serve as director of Bizinta, a business management software company spun out of RoseRyan.

Says Ryan about the change, “Dave is a strong leader – he’s ready to lead RoseRyan as we reach for the next stage of growth, and he’s the right person to take us there.”

Roberson became vice president after leading RoseRyan’s execution of the transition services agreement in DigiCert’s purchase of Symantec’s web security business, which was RoseRyan’s largest engagement to date.

Roberson says, “We’ll be propelling growth across the firm’s solution areas, and we’re well positioned, given the meaningful culture and brand that Kathy and the team have created and fostered over the years. What continues to impress me about RoseRyan is its clear strengths as well as the can-do attitudes and operational savviness that our consultants bring to every engagement.”

Roberson was a senior vice president at HP and worked at Hitachi for 26 years. He is chairman of the board of Push Technology, a global API management company.

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RoseRyan Launches Cannabis Company

RoseRyan of Newark, Calif., has launched a new company, Kukuza Associates LLC, that concentrates solely on the cannabis market. The cannabis industry is most certainly on the up and up and has become extremely lucrative. This can be seen with the emergence of all these new companies bringing with them occupations that have very attractive salaries. For example, budtenders make about $12 per hour on average which is a very appealing figure for those looking to make their start in the industry.

The new company is a finance and accounting consulting firm that closely mirrors its parent, RoseRyan. Founded in 1993, RoseRyan has more than 100 professionals, delivers finance and accounting solutions.

Explains RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan, “It’s exciting to launch Kukuza Associates, a finance and accounting consulting firm powered and backed by RoseRyan. It deepens our investment in the cannabis market and is geared specifically to this dynamic, rapidly evolving marketplace.” RoseRyan entered the cannabis market in 2014.

Kukuza Associates works with startups and established companies in every segment of the cannabis market at every stage of the lifecycle. Say for instance a new company wanted to try and break into the marijuana industry, using a company like Kukuza Associates coupled with a marketing agency such as this marijuana seo company, they might find their growth could be a lot greater than if they were to try and grow their cannabis business themselves.

Says Dave Roberson, CEO of Kukuza, “Designed for this unique marketplace, Kukuza’s finance and cannabis accounting solutions are vital for businesses that are growing, vertically integrating and eyeing deals. Our experienced team steps in, brings order to the chaos and navigates cannabis companies ahead by putting a solid finance foundation in place.”

He notes that Kukuza’s cannabis solutions address strategic finance as well as day-to-day accounting, emphasizing that both are prerequisites for sustainable success. The company’s name is drawn from the Swahili word meaning potential and growth.

Based on RoseRyan’s original offering for the cannabis industry, Kukuza offers a refined and expanded set of cannabis solutions: assessment, strategic finance, outsourced accounting, financial reporting and analysis, transaction support and internal controls.

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MOVE Project Lists Best Public Accounting Firms for Women, Equity Leadership

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance, which sponsors the Accounting MOVE Project, announces its annual survey of leading financial and accounting firms for women.

The 2019 Accounting MOVE Report delves into the perceptions and misperceptions that women and firms have about how and why women pursue partnership and other senior leadership positions. The report also outlines tactics that women, advocates for women and firm leaders can take to ensure that all women CPAs can fully achieve their aspirations for their careers and drive firm growth in the process.

Highlights from the 2019 MOVE Report

  • Peer Power: Women’s peer networks are horizontal and tend to be powerful retention factors. By comparison, men’s peer networks tend to be vertical and transactional. Leading MOVE firms shape women’s initiatives to make the most of how women organically cultivate networks.
  • Piecing the Future: Women plot their expectations based on what they observe and experience. Firms that show women the benefits of partnership and that build confidence and results with early business development seed ambition for partnership.
  • Intervention Builds Retention: Women don’t want to choose between coasting and quitting. Firms strengthen retention by cultivating multiple paths to senior positions, and by working with women before they reach the point of no return.

2019 Accounting MOVE Project Best CPA Firms for Women:

  • Pittsford, N.Y.-based The Bonadio Group (FY18 net revenue of $97.9 million)
  • San Francisco-based BPM LLP (FY18 net revenue of $99.5 million)
  • Creve Coeur, Mo.-based Brown Smith Wallace (FY18 net revenue of $50 million)
  • Clark Nuber (FY17 net revenue of $38.6 million) of Bellevue, Wash.
  • New York-based CohnReznick LLP (FY18 net revenue of $623.7 million)
  • Fargo, N.D.-based Eide Bailly (FY18 net revenue of $299.2 million)
  • Greenville, S.C.-based Elliott Davis (FY19 net revenue of $126.3 million)
  • Lurie LLP (FY17 net revenue of $28 million) of Minneapolis
  • Louisville, Ky.-based MCM CPAs & Advisors (FY18 net revenue of $56.8 million)
  • Seattle-based Moss Adams (FY18 net revenue of $691 million)
  • San Francisco-based Novogradac & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $147.4 million)
  • San Francisco-based OUM & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $19.9 million)
  • Southfield, Mich.-based Plante Moran (FY18 net revenue of $542.1 million)
  • Troy, Mich.-based Rehmann (FY18 net revenue of $143 million)

2019 Accounting MOVE Project Best CPA Firms for Equity Leadership
The Best CPA Firms for Equity Leadership list recognizes firms with at least 33% women partners and principals, as 33% is widely recognized as the tipping point for members of any identity group to have individual impact.

In descending order of percentage of women partners and principals; firms also on the Best CPA Firms for Women indicated with an *.

  • Powell, Ohio-based Kaiser Consulting – 100%
  • Sarasota, Fla.-based Kerkering Barberio & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $16.5 million) – 60%
  • Alexandria, Va.-based KWC CPAs (FY18 net revenue of $14.4 million)
  • RoseRyan of Newark, Calif. – 60%
  • Abbott Stringham & Lynch (FY17 net revenue of $21.8 million) of San Jose, Calif.– 50%
  • Clark Nuber – 50% *
  • Gainesville, Fla.-based James Moore & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $22.3 million) – 50%
  • Bethesda, Md.-based Councilor Buchanan & Mitchell – 47.1%
  • Eugene, Ore.-based Jones & Roth (FY18 net revenue of $15.4 million) – 46.2%
  • Lincoln, Neb.-based HBE – 45.5%
  • San Jose, Calif.-based Johanson & Yau – 42.9%
  • Novogradac – 40.4% *
  • The Bonadio Group – 39% *
  • San Francisco-based Hood & Strong LLP (FY18 net revenue of $16.5 million) – 37.7%
  • MCM CPAs and Advisors – 37.3% *
  • Tucson, Ariz.-based BeachFleischman (FY18 net revenue of $27.9 million) – 37.5%
  • Brown Smith Wallace, St. Louis – 36.6% *
  • Atlanta-based Frazier & Deeter (FY17 net revenue of $83.6 million) – 35.4%
  • Lurie LLP – 33% *
  • OUM & Co. – 33% *

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2016 Best Public Accounting Firms for Women

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) and American Women’s Society of CPAs (AWSCPA) have released their annual list of 2016 Best CPA Firms for Women list. 2016 Best CPA Firms for Women

The 10 firms named to the list demonstrate three key characteristics:

  • Consistent, measurable progress in advancing women to leadership
  • Proven and evolving programs that retain and advance women
  • Clear and compelling integration of the business case for advancing women

Pittsford, N.Y.-based The Bonadio Group – While 36% female partners and principals is an accomplishment in its own right, The Bonadio Group manages to accelerate more women to leadership even as the firm grows rapidly, currently topping 577 employees. The Bonadio Group reinforces collaboration with its policy of providing equal credit for new business brought in to both the referring employee and the employee working the account.

San Francisco-based Burr Pilger Mayer – In one of the toughest talent markets in the world, BPM has boosted its proportion of women partners by concentrating coaching, professional development and internal networking to help senior managers fine-tune their vision of personal success. The firm is cross-pollinating best practices among its offices to foster mentoring and sponsorship.

Bellevue, Wash.-based Clark Nuber – Leadership is both ‘caught’ and ‘taught,’ which is why Clark Nuber invests heavily in training top leaders to be effective performance managers. Among the skills they must master: advocating for candidates, ferreting out the right opportunities at the right time in candidates’ careers, and never putting career goals on automatic pilot. It’s working, as 38% of the firm’s partners and principals are women.

New York-based CohnReznick – Try it, track it, evaluate success, repeat. That’s how CohnReznick re-invests in the precise programs that make the biggest differences to retaining and advancing women: back-up child care, women’s networking events customized for each office, and top-level coaching for executive sponsors to amplify their results.

Atlanta-based Frazier & Deeter – Frazier & Deeter retains women in its partnership pipeline better than most, with women comprising 31% of partners and principals and 57% of female senior managers. The firm just introduced a 100% child care reimbursement program for all Georgia employees, a move designed to retain Millennials who are starting families and add an additional resource for mid-career women.

Minneapolis-based Lurie – When your CEO and COO are both women, you actively demonstrate how to lead by example. Lurie is increasing market share by sharing with clients and prospects the firm’s dedication to retaining women. Strong female leadership at the firm increases credibility with the entire Twin Cities business community.

Louisville, Ky.-based MCM CPAs and Advisors – The firm achieves what most consider to be impossible: It gains women at higher levels, with women comprising 60% of the firm’s managers, 57% of senior managers and 50% of directors. To help increase referrals within the firm, MCM held a business development program for employees to learn more about cross-selling and how to identify client’s needs for other services.

Seattle-based Moss Adams – With women comprising 27% of its partners, Moss Adams is gaining momentum as it aims for 30% by 2022, and its clients are rooting for it. One tactic: a yearlong leadership development program for high-potential women senior managers. The program is based on a comprehensive analysis of data on what it takes to succeed: personal brand definition, team building, and business development.

Southfield, Mich.-based Plante Moran – When the firm’s first pay equity audit discovered some anomalies, the women’s initiative leadership was drawn into the analysis. The resulting insights helped Plante Moran better understand the intersection of culture and compensation, and how to evolve its renowned programs to ensure holistic equity.

Troy, Mich.-based Rehmann – Women early on in their careers don’t have to wait their turn for leadership development opportunities. Rehmann’s leadership development programs, as well as its Women’s Initiative Network, offer tracks that help associates and senior associates gain traction with a variety of business skills and self-evaluation.

2016 Accounting Move Project Equity Leadership Firms

The Accounting MOVE Project also recognizes firms with 50 or more employees, at which women comprise at least 30% of partners and principals.

  • RoseRyan/Newark, Calif.: 100%
  • Kositzka, Wicks and Co./Alexandria, Va.: 66.7%
  • Kerkering, Barberio & Co./Sarasota, Fla.: 58.3%
  • Hood & Strong/San Francisco: 50%
  • HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP/Lincoln, Neb.: 42.9%
  • MCM CPAs and Advisors: 40.4%
  • Johanson & Yau Accountancy Corp./San Jose, Calif.: 40%
  • Clark Nuber: 38.2%
  • The Bonadio Group: 36.3%
  • BeachFleischman PC/Tucson, Ariz.: 32%
  • Frazier & Deeter: 31.4%

MOVE Project Names 2015 Best Accounting Firms For Women

In its sixth year, the 2015 Accounting MOVE Project reports a significant boost in the proportion of women partners and principals at the 47 CPA firms participating in the project — an average of 22%, up from 17% five years ago, reports the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance.

That means the bar is rising for candidates for the annual MOVE Project Best Public Accounting Firms for Women list, released by the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) and American Women’s Society of CPAs (AWSCPA).

“The MOVE Project continues to report improvement for women in the accounting field, but we still have much more work to do as an industry,” said Ericka Harney, executive director of the AFWA. “AFWA and the MOVE Project are dedicated to efforts that empower women in the industry and assist in advancing women to senior roles with equal pay.”

Top Trends From the 2015 Accounting MOVE Project

  • Pay equity is the topic that won’t go away. Celebrities and politicians are advocating for pay equity transparency and accountability. Firms have a chance to make pay equity a point of strength and trust.
  • Networking and business development training is becoming more democratic at CPA firms as firms include Millennials and senior staff earlier in their careers with scaled training and networking opportunities.
  • Firms that have gained momentum in their advancement of women use their women’s initiatives as strategic growth drivers.

“Women are a differentiating factor for firms competing intensely for new clients,” said Joanne Cleaver, president of Wilson-Taylor Associates, Inc., the content and communications firm that manages the Accounting MOVE Project. “Most employers are concerned with advancing women, and they want to do business with CPA firms that share those values.”


The 10 firms named to the Best CPA Firms for Women list demonstrate three characteristics: consistent, measurable progress in advancing women; proven and continually evolving programs that retain and advance women; and evidence that the firm’s advancement of women is intrinsic to its growth and succession goals.

The firms are:

  • Burr Pilger Mayer, San Francisco
  • CohnReznick, New York
  • Lurie Besikof Lapidus, Minneapolis
  • Mahoney Ulbrich Christiansen Russ PA, Minneapolis
  • Moss Adams, Seattle
  • OUM & Co., San Francisco
  • Plante Moran, Southfield, Mich.
  • Rehmann, Troy, Mich.
  • The Bonadio Group, Pittsford, N.Y.
  • Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants, Saginaw, Mich.

2015 Accounting MOVE Project Equity Leadership Firms

The Accounting MOVE Project also recognizes 14 firms on its Equity Leadership list—firms with at least 50 employees and a minimum of 32% female partners and principals:

  • RoseRyan; Newark, Calif.; 100%;
  • Kerkering, Barberio & Co.; Sarasota, Fla.; 58%;
  • Kositzka, Wicks & Company; Alexandria, Va.; 54%;
  • HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP; Lincoln, Neb.; 50%;
  • LGC&D; Providence, R.I.; 47%;
  • Henry & Horne; Tempe, Ariz.; 46.7%;
  • Abbott, Stringham & Lynch; San Jose, Calif.; 46%;
  • Johanson & Yau; San Jose, Calif.; 45%;
  • Hood & Strong; San Francisco, 43%;
  • NSBN LLP; Beverly Hills, Calif.; 42%;
  • Windham Brannon; Atlanta, 42%;
  • MCM; Louisville, Ken.; 38%;
  • Clark Nuber; Bellevue, Wash.; 35%;
  • BeachFleischman PC; Tucson, Ariz.; 32%;