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MNP Acquires Outsourced IT Company Next Digital

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP is set to acquire outsourced IT service and support company Next Digital effective Aug. 1.

Focusing on areas in Alberta and western Canada, Next Digital’s services include managed IT, hardware and software procurement, IT project management, data protection and cloud services. Next Digital’s Andrew Jackson, Shawn Kubiski and John McLaughlin will join MNP as partners.

“The needs of Canadian organizations are quickly evolving in this dynamic environment, and we are constantly working with our clients to better understand how we can best support them,” says Sean Devin, national leader of MNP’s technology solutions practice. “This merger reflects our commitment to always look for new ways, including the use of new technologies, to help our clients reach their full potential.”

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MNP Acquires Applied Data Company T4G

In a move to bolster its digital transformation services, Calgary, Alberta-based MNP has acquired applied data services company T4G, which operates four offices across Canada.

Founded in 1996 by David Posluns and Geoff Flood – both of whom will join MNP as part of the acquisition – T4G helps businesses to collect, organize and use their data to drive growth, gain competitive advantage and increase market share. The company’s solutions focus largely on the areas of business intelligence and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, modern data engineering and developing intelligent applications and AI tools that businesses can use to automate tasks, empower employees and engage with their customers.

“Business goals remain broadly the same from one decade to the next – companies are always looking for ways to operate more efficiently, engage effectively with customers and to continue to grow – but the tools available to support their journey are changing rapidly,” says Tanya Knight, executive vice president for MNP’s clients and services. “The strategic acquisition of T4G reflects our commitment to always look for new ways, including the use of new technologies, to help our clients reach their full potential.”

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Cyber Attack Shuts Systems at MNP in Canada

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, the largest Canadian firm after the Big 4, shut down its computer systems after a ransomware attack discovered April 5, according to BleepingComputer.

MNP employees told BleepingComputer, an information security and technology news publication, that accountants were asked by text to bring their laptops into the office to be secured before reconnecting to servers. Employees said accountants were told to be on standby to work if and when the systems went back online.

Below is a statement from MNP’s senior vice president for marketing, Randy Mowat:

“MNP can confirm that we recently experienced a cyber security incident which affected our systems. We became aware of this on the morning of April 5, 2020. We moved quickly to address the incident, shutting down access to our systems across the firm to minimize any impact. We immediately engaged a team of experts to investigate the incident and we notified law enforcement.”

He wrote, “Our investigation is expected to last several more weeks. Until it is further along, we are not able to determine with certainty the impact, if any, on our clients. Once that investigation is completed, if it has been determined that client information was impacted, we will take the appropriate and immediate steps to communicate directly with them.”

A ransomware attack usually involves stealing data, encrypting devices on the network and then forcing the victim to pay a ransom.

MNP shut is systems to prevent more devices from being infected, BleepingComputer reports.

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MNP Merges in White + Abbott, Winsor Coombs

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP has acquired White + Abbott and Winsor Coombs, both located in the area of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The merger is effective June 1.

MNP, formerly known as Meyers Norris Penny, offers tax, accounting and advisory services from more than 80 locations in Canada, and is looking to add to its growing presence in the eastern part of the country. MNP is the largest accounting firm in Canada after the Big 4.

“We’ve been delighted to help MNP grow as a part of the Nova Scotia community over the last few years and are excited to do the same here in Newfoundland and Labrador by welcoming not just one, but two well-established accounting firms that share our values and client-centric approach,” says Kirk Higgins, MNP’s regional MP for Atlantic Canada.

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MNP’s Founding Partner Passes, Leaves Lasting Legacy

Don Penny

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, formerly known as Meyers Norris Penny, announced today that founder Don Penny, 80, passed away Nov. 28 in Brandon General Hospital in Brandon, Manitoba.

“As we reflect on Don’s legacy, we are filled with admiration and gratitude for his vision, courage, leadership and passion. He will forever be remembered for his entrepreneurial drive to take risks and pursue a vision of a different type of accounting firm – one that saw a future in a holistic offering of professional services and that served clients in diverse markets across Canada,” Jason Tuffs, MNP’s CEO, says in a statement. “Don put in place the elements that allowed the firm to grow rapidly, but gracefully – from its beginnings as a regional accounting firm based in Brandon, Manitoba, to the national firm we have become today. MNP is the firm that was born out of Don Penny’s vision.” MNP is now Canada’s fifth-largest accounting firm.

Penny was born and raised in Virden, Manitoba. His small-town roots played a role in enticing him in 1962 to join the Brandon firm Laird Sprague, the predecessor to MNP. He was admitted as partner in 1965 and became CEO in 1977. He retired from the partnership in 1998 and from the MNP board in 2005.

Penny sat on various committees and in multiple board positions for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba, becoming the first president from outside Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, in the organization’s 100-year history. He served on the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants board of governors and became chair from 1997 to 1998. He also served on dozens of community organizations and corporate boards and was a mentor to many entrepreneurs across the country.

“We honor Don’s contributions to the firm, his profession and his community through an uncompromising commitment to the values and passions he held dear,” says Tuffs. “His legacy will always be a guiding light for MNP, and we are forever grateful for his wisdom, vision and – most importantly – his friendship.”

Penny is remembered by his loving wife Sandra, their four children and five grandchildren.

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MNP Acquires British Columbia Accounting Firm

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, Canada’s fifth-largest accounting firm, has acquired Chun and Co. of Kelowna, British Columbia. They will be merging in February.

MNP says it was hoping to expand its presence in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, while Chun and Co. was seeking to deliver more specialty services to its clients.

“Changing market conditions are impacting the way businesses must operate,” Dan Chun says in a press release. “As such, we are continually looking at new ways to enhance our service offerings and help our clients achieve their goals. By joining MNP, we add more resources, more specialized services and a wider range of experiences, all of which will bring greater value to our clients.”

MNP has 80 locations across the country, including 21 offices in British Columbia.

“MNP offers the best of both worlds as far as the services of a large national firm but the culture and personalized approach of a small firm – and a strong commitment to supporting the local community,” Chun says, according to the Okanagan Edge.

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Mazars Announces Alliance with 4 Regional U.S. Firms and MNP in Canada

Mazars, the Rouen, France-based accounting firm, is expanding its presence in the U.S. through an alliance with five of the top 20 firms in the U.S. and Canada.

Mazars announced that the Mazars North America Alliance would include the following firms: Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million), Seattle-based Moss Adams (FY18 net revenue of $691 million), Southfield, Mich.-based Plante Moran (FY18 net revenue of $542.1 million), Charlotte, N.C.-based Dixon Hughes Goodman (FY19 net revenue of $462.5 million) and Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, with net revenue of roughly $760 million.

Mazar’s CEO, in an interview with Reuters July 11, said the move will almost double its size as a way to challenge the market dominance of the Big 4. “Our ambition is to become a European champion with an international scope,” Mazars’s CEO Herve Helias told Reuters. “When they call me the fifth big, I like it.”

Mazars would not take any stake in the firms, but will expand services to its existing international clients through professionals from some of largest firms in North America. Mazars, with about 24,000 professionals worldwide, will increase that number to about 40,000 under the alliance.

According to the Financial Times, the alliance formation may be related to a belief that the U.K. will begin to require two auditors for the 350 largest companies as part of a reform effort following prominent audit failures among the Big 4. The Times says the firm is familiar with the joint-auditor system, as top companies in France has worked under the requirement for many years.

Mazars has also been in the news for another reason: The U.S. House of Representatives oversight committee has issued a subpoena to its U.S. branch, New York-based Mazars USA (FY18 net revenue of $205million), to obtain President Donald Trump’s tax records.

And on July 12, in a hearing in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Trump’s lawyer faced more than an hour of tough questions over his arguments that lawmakers don’t have the power to investigate the president. “President Donald Trump appeared to be facing an uphill battle to keep Congress from obtaining his financial records,” USA Today reported. The oversight committee’s attorneys have argued that it has broad and inherent power to investigate possible conflicts of interest.

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Canada’s MNP Acquires Technology Firm

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP has acquired Mantralogix, a technology firm that will merge with MNP on July 1.

Kerry Mann, president and CEO, and COO Jess Mann will be made new partners and bring a staff of 20 experts to MNP. Mantralogix is located in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto.

Sean Murphy, MNP’s regional MP of consulting for eastern Canada, says, “Merging in Mantralogix, a full-service business management software solutions company and IT consulting firm, will allow us to build on our existing strengths and offer new solutions, particularly in the area of cloud and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, in order to bring even greater value for our clients.”

According to the Canadian Accountant, the move is part of a trend of national accounting firms providing ERP software solutions and IT consulting. All Big 4 firms have partnerships with software businesses: PwC with SAP, Deloitte with Oracle and SAP, KMPG with Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, and EY with IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

MNP says Mantralogix’s partnership with the Acumatica and Sage enables them to build, support and maintain successful IT solutions.

“In this dynamic environment the needs of Canadian companies are always evolving, so we are constantly working with our clients to better understand how we can best support them,” says Jeremy Cole, executive vice president for MNP’s Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic region. “MNP has a strong presence serving diverse clients right across the country and we are committed to helping more businesses reach their full potential.”

Kerry Mann says the union will add more specialized services and a broader range of industry expertise and experiences to clients.

“We are always looking at new ways to help our clients achieve their goals. That starts with having the ability to look at a business from every angle to make sure we understand the challenges and opportunities they face and how we can truly help to bring value to the relationship,” says Mann. “This merger is a great example of how two firms can come together to enhance each other’s service offerings and give our clients the edge they need to stay competitive and grow for the future.”

The Mantralogix team plans to move into MNP’s Mississauga office in the future. MNP has more than 4,500 employees in more than 75 locations.

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MNP Acquires Cornwall Firm

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP acquired Craig Keen Despatie Markell (CKDM) of Cornwall, Ontario, effective June 1.

Founded in 1958, MNP has grown to more than 70 locations across Canada. CKDM has provided professional accounting, tax and consulting services for more than 64 years and has six partners and 13 staff.

“Changing and dynamic market conditions are impacting the way businesses must operate – including our own firm,” says Ian Murphy, partner at CKDM. “We are continually looking at new ways to help our clients achieve their goals and one of our goals is to enhance our current service offerings across all of the key sectors in our local economy. By joining MNP we can add more local and national resources, more specialized services and a broader range of industry expertise and experience – all of which will provide our clients with even greater value in the future.”

“The economy of Cornwall has diversified significantly over the past decades and, as such, has proven to be very resilient. Cornwall continues to attract companies in a range of sectors; all of which MNP is already intimately serving,” says Jeremy Cole, executive vice president, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, MNP.

“As part of MNP, our clients will benefit from access to hundreds of MNP professionals and specialists across more than 70 Canadian locations coast to coast, as well as more than 40,000 professionals in over 100 countries globally through its Praxity alliance,” says Murphy.

Canada’s MNP Announces Two Mergers

Calgary, Alberta-based MNP, one of Canada’s largest accounting firms, has announced two mergers: Calliou Group, an Aboriginal-owned consulting firm in Calgary, and McDonald Thorne and Associates of Brockville, Ontario, an accounting and consulting firm.

Calliou Group joined MNP June 1. While Calgary-based Calliou Group was looking for an opportunity to offer more specialty services to its Aboriginal clients, MNP was looking to add more resources and capabilities to serve Aboriginal communities; a growing and key client group, the firm announced.

“Over the next 25 years, there will be many major development projects in Canada that will impact indigenous communities,” says Clayton Norris, vice president, Aboriginal services. With the addition of Calliou Group, we have a greater ability to develop and implement innovative strategies and solutions for the benefit of indigenous communities and all Canadians.”

Founded in 2008, Calliou Group has grown to become a strategic Aboriginal consultation specialist group for Aboriginal communities, government regulators and natural resource developers.

“What specifically drew us to MNP, was the fact that for more than two decades, MNP has partnered with over 200 Aboriginal communities across Canada and recognizes the needs of Aboriginal communities both in their unique planning and decision-making processes,” says Tracy Campbell, founder and owner, Calliou Group. “As the marketplace evolves, we believe becoming part of a national firm with an emphasis on local client-service delivery resources will serve our clients well and position us for continued success and growth.”

The Calliou Group team of five will move into the MNP Calgary office in early summer of 2017.

In addition, MNP announced that McDonald Thorne and Associates (MTA) will merge on July 1. While MTA was looking to deliver more specialty services to clients, MNP was looking to add resources and expand its presence in the Brockville area with a well-respected and client-focused firm that shares the same values.

“Long a manufacturing base for eastern Ontario, Brockville is successfully adapting to disruption and new economic realities by refocusing on other industries. This proactive approach and willingness to embrace change is what makes Brockville one of Canada’s fastest-growing economic hubs,” says Mike Dimitriou, MP for the Ottawa region.

MTA is an established firm of chartered professional accountants and consists of one partner, Hugh Thorne, and six team members, including Carl DeJong, who will also join MNP as a partner. MTA serves diverse industries, including clients in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Founded in 2002, the firm provides a wide range of accounting, tax and business advisory services in areas such as process improvement, valuations, succession services and more.

“As the marketplace evolves and business needs become more complex, we believe returning to the fold of a national firm with a local client service philosophy and greater breadth and depth of services and resources will serve our clients well,” says Thorne. “MNP serves a diverse group of clients – including businesses in the fields of agriculture, technology and media, professionals, real estate and construction, and more – and truly understands both the region and our clients’ needs.”

The MTA team will remain in their current location initially, before moving into MNP’s Brockville office once renovations have been completed.