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Grassi & Co. Admits Construction Tax Leader to Partnership

Joseph Molloy

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $63.6 million) announced the admission of Joseph Molloy to partner.

In this new role, Molloy will manage and oversee the taxation services offered through Grassi’s construction practice, the firm’s largest industry area. As part of Grassi’s leadership team, he will also contribute to the strategic vision and growth of the firm.

In addition to his partner responsibilities, Molloy serves as the firm’s tax construction leader, providing tax planning and compliance services tailored to the construction industry. He specializes in tax projections, corporate tax return preparation, tax incentive programs, tax deferral strategies and regulatory compliance.

“Joe embodies the values of leadership, integrity, respect and excellence that our partners are trusted to uphold,” says Carl Oliveri, construction practice leader. “He has dedicated his career to serving the tax needs of the construction industry, and his knowledge and experience are invaluable assets to our clients and construction team on a daily basis.”

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Grassi & Co. Introduces Grant Compliance Services to Nonprofits

Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte

Due to a shift in the need for compliance for private foundations and other funders, New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY18 net revenue of $63.6 million) is adding a grant compliance services team to its nonprofit practice. Principal Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte will lead the team and is based in the New York office.

The team assists funders by ensuring their grantees are complying with the conditions of the grant agreement. The team reviews financial operations and grant reporting to assure that adequate controls and oversight are in place. These services assist funders, typically private foundations, by evaluating the impact of the donations to the nonprofits and their missions and help determine how and where the funds are specifically being used. These compliance reviews offer greater assurance to the funders that the grant programs are operating efficiently and successfully, the firm announced.

“Private foundations have increasingly come under fire for not adequately monitoring their grantees, often due to limited resources and personnel. Our grant compliance services help foundations address this gap, assess their own risk and protect their reputations,” says partner David M. Rottkamp, not-for-profit practice leader.

Generally, foundations that pursue a grant monitoring program work with the Grassi team to develop a compliance review plan and monitor the program annually, either using Grassi resources as an outsourced provider or hiring the firm to implement the program and train their staff to conduct the reviews and provide feedback to grant recipients.

“These organizations make a huge difference to the recipients of their grant-making. My work further enhances that difference and provides the assurance that grant funds are used appropriately,” says Ballotte, who has more than 15 years of operational and organizational consulting and management experience.

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Michael Leigh Joins Grassi & Co. to Lead Cyber and Information Security Practice

Michael Leigh

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $60.8 million) has hired Michael Leigh, a nationally recognized cyber and information security expert, to lead the firm’s practice.

By bridging the gap between the executives and practitioners of an organization, Leigh addresses cyber risk by focusing on empowering his clients to approach their security strategy from a business standpoint, not just a technical one – making him a valuable asset to the businesses and organizations the firm services.

He has held the position of global head of digital forensics and incident response for NCC Group, an international security consulting firm; and has held senior leadership positions in information security for major technology providers, including Cisco Systems and Oracle Corporation.

Services include incident response, analyzing and remediating cyber security incidents; penetration resting, assessing an organization’s security posture by simulating threat-actor actions; and virtual chief information security officer (VCISO), which act as an organization’s senior security management by defining the security strategy and converting that strategy into action. The team designs programs that are tailored to clients’ needs.

“By bringing someone with Michael’s expertise to the firm, we are able to save our clients from security risks that could have a catastrophic impact on their financials, their reputations and those of the clients they serve,” says CEO Louis C. Grassi. “With data being the core of nearly every business decision made today, this role is one of the most vital as we help navigate our clients in the direction of success they desire.”

Leigh says he is able to identify risks that are most important to clients’ businesses and build protections around these assets. “My approach results in saving the client precious time, effort and money – not to mention many sleepless nights and headaches.”

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Chris Fifis Joins Grassi & Co. as Director of Business Development

Chris Fifis

Chris Fifis

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $60.8 million) announces that Chris Fifis is joining the firm’s leadership team as director of business development.

Fifis will cultivate new business opportunities and further the growth of the firm’s practice areas. Previously, he worked in business development for an insurance broker where his role focused on mid-sized companies – primarily in food processing, distribution and manufacturing – and helped them reduce risks and establish new policies and procedures.

He will be based in the Park Ridge, N.J., office and will focus his initial efforts on the northern New Jersey and New York markets, the firm says.

“Chris’s areas of expertise, particularly in prospecting in the northern New Jersey and Philadelphia markets, make him a desirable addition to our team as we continue to branch out into new territories,” says MP and CEO Louis C. Grassi. “We have an extremely strong presence in both Long Island and New York City and I am confident that Chris will help our firm build new and deeper relationships in New Jersey as well.”

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Grassi & Co. Admits Leonard Carone as Partner in Franchise Services

Leonard Carone

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $60.8 million) has announced that Leonard Carone has been admitted to the partnership.

Carone brings more than 25 years of public and private experience to the firm and specializes in the franchise industry, specifically high-net-worth individual owners. He provides strategic advice and tax planning to assist them in maximizing their profitability and growth potential.

Prior to joining Grassi Franchise Services, Carone worked in a New York-based CPA firm and has served as a CFO in the telecom industry.

“Leonard has a powerful reputation within the franchise community of providing value and has successfully assisted with the closing of multiple franchise sales to private equity groups,” says James Bohl, president of Grassi Franchise Services. “His abilities earned him the right to distinguish himself as one of the leaders of Grassi Franchise Services.”

Grassi & Co. Admits Michael Violano as an Audit Partner

Michael A. Violano

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $60.8 million) has announced that Michael A. Violano was admitted as an audit partner in the manufacturing and distribution practice.

Violano, who will lead the building materials sub-segment, has over 15 years of experience providing audit, accounting and consulting services to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s in the public and private sectors in both domestic and international markets.

“Michael has been an integral part of helping us expand our growing M&D practice and has demonstrated exemplary service to each and every client,” says MP and CEO Louis C. Grassi. Violano is based in the firm’s Jericho, N.Y., office.

Grassi & Co.’s Not-For-Profit Practice Expands in NYC and Westchester County

Derek Flanagan

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $60.8 million) announces that the audit nonprofit partners and staff of Lederer Levine & Associates of Lyndhurst, N.J., joined the firm on Jan. 1.

The acquisition brings partner Derek Flanagan as well as four professionals to the firm’s offices in New York and White Plains, N.Y. The addition of these specialist resources has expanded and strengthened services provided by Grassi & Co.’s not-for-profit practice, led by David M. Rottkamp.

David Rottkamp

Flanagan has over 30 years of experience in providing audit and accounting services exclusively to not-for-profit organizations. His clients include social services agencies, private and charter schools, arts organizations, private foundations and special needs providers.

“Lederer Levine & Associates’ nonprofit practice bears significant synergies with our practice,” says Rottkamp. “The years of expertise brought by Derek and his team enhances our existing strengths and will expand our geographic reach in the region, placing us at the forefront in serving the needs of this important segment.”

Grassi & Co.’s not-for-profit practice team assists many types of not-for-profit organizations, including organizations involved in government-funded social services, special needs, health care, philanthropic, religious and education.

“With the increasing demands and challenges facing the not-for-profit community, adding a stronger presence in Westchester County is another way the professionals of Grassi & Co. are growing to meet those challenges, says Louis C. Grassi, CEO and MP. “As our firm looks to the future, we’re excited to continue to expand our footprint in the New York region.

Grassi & Co. Welcomes Sawhney as Principal

Sareena Malik Sawhney

Sareena Malik Sawhney

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $59.6 million) welcomed Sareena Malik Sawhney as a principal in Grassi’s fraud, forensic and litigation support group based in their Manhattan offices. Sawhney will focus on providing services in the areas of complex fraud investigations, forensic accounting examinations, and services related to commercial litigation and damage analyses.

Prior to joining Grassi & Co., Sawhney worked at Marks Paneth and a Big 4 consulting firm with a focus on fraud and forensic investigations, breach of contract damage issues and various bankruptcy fraud matters. Examples of cases she has worked on include assisting attorneys representing a Fortune 500 company in a case involving allegations of fraud, misrepresentation of financial statements and criminal activity of certain individual employees. She has also assisted attorneys in reviewing certain alleged fraudulent transactions in which she had to report her findings to the Audit Committee. Sawhney has also been involved in a number of arbitration proceedings involving shareholder disputes and breach of contract matters.

“Sareena’s areas of expertise make her a true asset to Grassi & Co.,” says MP and CEO Louis Grassi. “We have an extremely strong New York City presence and I am more confident than ever that by expanding our talent pool with great additions like Sareena, we will be better able to serve our clients and be more impactful in this space.”

Grassi & Co. Introduces Cyber and Information Security Practice

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $59.6 million) is offering additional consulting services through their new cyber and information security (CIS) practice, which will be spearheaded by Karl Kispert.

Karl Kispert

Karl Kispert

The new practice helps clients understand risk profiles, recognize potential threats, determine risk tolerance, and create a cyber and information security roadmap and program. The professionals of CIS will assist in three areas: strategy, implementation and remediation, and support.

Kispert, principal of CIS, has more than 28 years of experience in selling, managing and delivering information risk management, internal audit, regulatory and compliance programs, and information security and technology risk management projects across many industry verticals for both domestic and international clients. Kispert, a former chief information security officer, has helped design and sustain information and cybersecurity programs.

“In keeping with our commitment as success consultants, we understand the growing need company owners have to secure their data, and the data of their clients and customers,” says Louis Grassi, CEO. “By adding this new service line, and bringing someone with Karl’s expertise to the firm, we can service yet another important aspect of our clients’ and prospects’ businesses, ensuring their continued success.”

Services will include full security programs, compliance, 3rd party vendor risk assessment, threat management and managed security services. Kispert and his team will be based out of the New York office and are available to service clients throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Grassi & Co. Launches New Affiliate, Grassi Healthcare Advisors

New York-based Grassi & Co. (FY17 net revenue of $59.6 million) launched Grassi Healthcare Advisors LLC (GHA), which will be led by CEO Joseph Tomaino, previously the principal of health care transformation consulting of Grassi & Co. for the last three years.

Joseph Tomaino

Joseph Tomaino

Tomaino has more than 30 years of health care management experience working in the not-for-profit, for-profit and government-sponsored segments. He has worked with provider organizations and payers across the U.S. as an architect of value based care – improving clinical effectiveness and resource efficiency. Tomaino uses data to analyze populations being served as well as an organization’s effectiveness, and then applies innovative structure and program designs to improve performance, helping clients transform to successfully operate in managed care and accountable care reimbursement environments.

In the current accountable-care health care environment, medical providers and health care organizations are transitioning from a transactional fee-for-service business model, to a value-based payment model.

“With the rapid pace of change businesses experience today, the creation of Grassi Healthcare Advisors LLC is a necessity in helping our clients successfully integrate into this value-based payment model,” says Louis Grassi, MP and CEO. “I have every confidence that Joseph and his team of experts are at the forefront of the issues facing the health care industry and will help position our clients for continued success and growth.”

The GHA team will also include Stephanie Fiedler as the director of revenue advisory; Geri Gregor, a partner in business advisory; Joseph Micara, director of business development; and Alicia Shickle, senior manager.