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Sprague Joins BKD Forensics and Valuation Services

Bob Sprague recently joined Springfield, Mo.-based BKD LLP (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) as a managing director in the forensics and valuation services division. He will work from the Chicago office.

Sprague focuses on fraud investigation, forensic accounting and litigation consulting services. His experience encompasses a wide spectrum of financial consulting matters spanning multiple industries and client types. Sprague works with corporate stakeholders, in-house and outside counsel, auditors and special committees on forensic and fraud investigations with an emphasis on SEC enforcement matters and fraudulent financial reporting.

“We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge support. Bob’s addition has expanded our capacity to further provide the depth of service required by clients in this field,” says Angela Morelock, MP of the forensics and valuation services division.

Prior to joining BKD, Sprague spent more than 22 years working for two global professional service firms and worked as an enforcement accountant in the SEC’s enforcement division, where he investigated potential securities laws violations.

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BKD Offers New Service to Energy Industry

Deanna Duell

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD LLP (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) has hired its first energy industry contract compliance leader, Deanna Duell.

Duell will integrate Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) accounting guidance and model form interpretations. This new service, the firm says, will help clients clarify oil and gas accounting requirements for agreements in the form of contract audits and litigation support. These include action plans to provide for contract audits facilitating recoveries for nonoperators and limiting exposure for operators in complying with accounting in contractual agreements unique to the oil and gas industry.

Duell will join the firm as a director and be based in BKD’s Denver office. Before joining BKD, she spent several years working for large CPA firms and also operated her own accounting firm, Duell & Associates. She is experienced in serving the oil and gas industry in various capacities for operated and nonoperating wells throughout the United States.

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BKD Launches AI-Powered Lease Solution

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) is introducing a new tool, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to help organizations implement GASB 87 and FASB Accounting Standards Codification 842 on lease accounting.

BKD LeaseVision provides an AI tool to extract key lease terms from various lease types, a road map to help provide an in-depth process framework and an Excel-based tool to help perform calculations and develop lease amortization schedules.

“BKD is excited to offer this tool to help our clients succeed,” says director Amy Shreck, one of BKD LeaseVision’s developers. “We look forward to using the LeaseVision tool to consult with organizations to help implement these complex lease standards.”

FASB recently approved the delay of its lease accounting standard effective date. However, “despite this delay, we are encouraging our clients and prospects to be proactive and start the process now,” says director Jessica Richter, one of BKD LeaseVision’s developers.

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BKD Announces Three OMP Appointments in 2020

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) has announced three new OMP appointments, all effective June 1.

Abe Cole and Jerry Henderson are taking on regional MP roles, creating openings for Rachel Dwiggins, who will step into the MP role of the Kansas City, Mo., office, and Jeff Naig, who will become MP of the Des Moines, Iowa, and Madison, Wis., offices. Chris Dalton will serve as MP of the transaction advisory services (TAS) division.

Rachel Dwiggins

Dwiggins has significant experience providing audit and consulting services for not-for-profit and governmental organizations, colleges, universities and charitable organizations. She was a 2010 BKD PRIDE Award winner and was selected to serve as a reviewer for the AICPA’s Peer Review Oversight Program with respect to single audits.

Cole, who has played a major part in helping the Kansas City office achieve high levels of success and efficiency, will continue his MP duties while assisting her through the transition, the firm announced. “Rachel is a proven collaborative leader who is very well respected in our office and throughout the firm. I’m confident Rachel’s leadership will bring fresh, innovative ideas that will take the Kansas City office to new heights,” he says.

Naig has more than 25 years of public accounting experience, including serving as the leader of BKD’s telecommunications industry team. He is the past chairman of the board of directors for the Telergee Alliance, a nationwide organization made up of seven CPA firms serving the telecommunications market.

Jeff Naig

Cole will continue to serve as MP while working with Naig to help make the transition smooth. “I am very proud of the growth and development of our Des Moines and Madison offices, and I’m confident we will continue to flourish as a separate practice unit under Jeff’s leadership,” Cole says.

Chris Dalton

TAS consists of BKD Capital Advisors as well as BKD’s transaction services division, which Dalton leads. He has more than 25 years of accounting experience, including about 16 years dedicated to mergers and acquisition services. He has extensive experience in financial due diligence analysis, transaction structuring, deal negotiation support and post-transaction planning assistance in a wide variety of industries.

“I look forward to working with the team to help grow both TAS and the overall firm,” Dalton says.

Henderson previously led the TAS division. He says, “Chris has demonstrated outstanding leadership of our transaction services practice, having helped fuel double-digit growth for each of the last several years while maintaining excellent financial discipline.” Henderson will finish out his time as MP while Dalton transitions into the role.

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Former FASB Leader to Join BKD as Partner

Rick Cole

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) has admitted Rick Cole as a partner in the firm’s New York office.

Cole has more than 25 years of experience working with higher education and not-for-profit organizations. He specializes in audits and advisory services for those industries.

“His vast knowledge and skills, combined with his positive attitude, determination and talent will help clients reach new heights of success,” said Ryan Reiff, MP for BKD’s New York office.

Before joining BKD, Cole worked at FASB, where he served as a supervising project manager. Cole was the project manager on Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-14, Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities; ASU 2018-08, Clarifying the Scope and Accounting Guidance for Contributions Received and Contributions Made; ASU 2019-03, Updating the Definition of Collections; and a project on financial performance reporting for business entities. Cole also was the coordinator for FASB’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and the Private Company Council.

Prior to working for FASB, Cole was vice president and controller at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and served was a senior manager with an international firm, specializing in audits of higher education institutions and other nonprofits.

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BKD Announces New National Leader for PSAS

Shauna Woody-Coussens

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) announces that Shauna Woody-Coussens as the national leader for BKD’s public sector advisory services (PSAS) division.

With more than 30 years of experience, Woody-Coussens focuses on providing a variety of management consulting services across numerous sectors. Her diverse expertise will help her lead the firm in expanding advisory services to current clients, as well as increasing awareness of BKD in the federal marketplace.

“Shauna has proven time and time again that she can successfully lead crucial projects,” Angela Morelock, MP of the practice, says. “Her experience in governmental and public sector consulting is impressive and positions us well to provide insightful and value-driven advisory services to our clients.”

As a managing director in BKD’s forensics and valuation services division, Woody-Coussens provided proactive fraud risk assessments, internal control evaluations and forensic accounting consulting to public sector clients, as well as reactive fraud investigations. She also has extensive experience with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and anti-bribery and corruption investigations. Representative engagements also included testifying before the SEC and the U.S. Department of Justice.

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BKD Appoints New Regional MP for National Advisory Services

Jerry Henderson

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $662.9 million) has appointed a new regional MP for national advisory services (NAS), effective June 1, 2020.

Jerry Henderson, MP of transaction advisory services and performance advisory services, will succeed Mike Burlew, who will retire as of May 31, 2020.

Henderson has more than 26 years of experience serving clients in mergers and acquisitions, private equity and manufacturing and distribution. Prior to his current role, he was the national industry partner for BKD’s national manufacturing and distribution group. Henderson also serves on BKD’s governing board, which establishes firm policy and strategic initiatives.

“I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work closely with the talented leaders in our NAS practices,” Henderson says. “Our clients are facing an unprecedented level of change and NAS is well positioned to help them navigate a rapidly evolving marketplace.”

Burlew calls Henderson personable, talented and one-firm minded. He will assist Henderson through the transition.

BKD is ranked No. 13 on the 2019 IPA 100 list of largest accounting firms in the nation.

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Two Partners Admitted to BKD From Chicago Office

Timothy Eischeid

Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY19 net revenue of $663 million) announces that Timothy Eischeid and JoAnna Simek have been admitted into the partnership.

JoAnna Simek

Eischeid is the Chicago office’s financial services industry leader. He specializes in providing accounting and consulting services to financial institutions.

Simek has been serving as a tax director at BKD’s Chicago office and specializes in manufacturing, distribution and technology. Simek serves clients in the technology and software industry, providing consulting and tax services for corporations and their executives.

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A Conversation With BKD’s Dawn Howard On Misunderstandings, Expectations And Buying Decisions

Dawn Howard

Dawn Howard is the marketing director for the East Region of Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY18 net revenue of $594.6 million). She is responsible for working with 13 offices in seven states in developing and executing their commercial industries’ strategic marketing initiatives. She is passionate about business development coaching and mentoring for all levels of accounting professionals. Based in she is pursuing her master’s degree in management at the University of Indianapolis.

IPA caught up with Howard recently during a break at the AICPA’s 2019 ENGAGE conference in Las Vegas, where she presented a session on developing a strong sales pipeline process.

What should MPs understand about marketers? I think MPs need to check in with their marketing professionals about whether they feel empowered to hold partners accountable on following up with prospects. If they’re five years or less in the industry they may not feel they have the power to go to a 20-year partner and say, ‘Hey, you’re paying me to help grow the firm, I need to have this conversation with you.’ The MP needs to understand that sometimes they literally need to go to their marketing personnel and say, ‘I need you to know that I have your back.’ A lot of changes can come about with that one simple thing.

What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding managing partners have about the marketing function? MPs need to identify the line of demarcation between business development and marketing, and they need an understanding of what the firm or their particular office actually needs. Do we need someone who’s better on the PR side, or do we need a true business developer? It’s hard to find someone who is equally strong, as well as passionate, in both areas.

How would you define the difference? A business developer has a different mindset. Sales is a process-driven event, certainly in professional services – it’s a relationship game. Marketers look at the holistic view of the marketplace, in placement of ads or PR, so it’s a little bit different. They’re both good, but the MP has to make a determination that if one person is handling both things, that person needs some direction on what is expected. Sometimes marketing personnel think they know what the MP wants and vice versa. It’s imperative to have more than a once-a-year review to get something accomplished with that. My two favorite words strung together (other than free lunch) is ‘realistic expectations,’ and sometimes neither side has that.

Where do you think accounting marketing is going? Does it seem like it is going more in the direction of business development? The way the industry is going is that marketers are starting to understand two things better – one is the business development aspect of their job and the other part is the way that digital is playing into their job. We all have to be business developers. I’m taking a class at the University of Indianapolis right now, and they’re focusing on looking at HR from the outside in, from the perspective of an investor looking at a company. I think marketing needs to start doing that too, even though we don’t have investors, per se, but clients, as well as prospects and the general business marketplace, are on the outside looking in. Marketing people are really closet psychologists when we’re thinking about buyer behavior. For example, you’re not getting a buyer who has $20 million of their own money to suddenly change their advisor overnight, that’s a huge relationship sale. Being able to look at those clients and to understand what actually drives how they make decisions is huge, and really should be included as a part of the sales training for internal marketers.

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Name Change for BKD Corporate Finance

BKD Corporate Finance is celebrating its 25-year milestone with a new name: BKD Capital Advisors, LLC.

BKD Capital Advisors (BKDCA) is the investment banking arm of Springfield, Mo.-based BKD (FY18 net revenue of $594.6 million).

BKDCA provides investment banking services to clients both internally and externally. In the last five years ,it has hired senior middle-market bankers, expanded from three to six offices and broadened its international reach.

After reviewing the breadth of services BKDCA currently provides, leadership decided it was crucial to include “advisors” in the new name to better communicate the broad range of investment banking advisory services. “Advisory is the most important aspect of the services we provide to our clients who, in a liquidity event, are potentially going through the most important transaction of their career,” says BKDCA President Tony Giordano.

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