Abeles and Hoffman Names New Partners

Abeles and Hoffman of St. Louis has announced the admission of four professionals to the partner group: Kelley Wingbermuehle, James Rose, Justin Reppy and Keith Rauch.

“These four professionals are incredibly talented and dedicated,” says firm president Ron Abeles. “This is a first step in our firm’s transition while maintaining the involvement of myself and Stu Hoffman, the firm’s founders. With our management team in place, our firm is strategically positioned for continued growth and opportunity in the marketplace.”

Wingbermuehle joined Abeles and Hoffman in 2009. In addition to her overall tax consulting and compliance responsibilities, she is the firm’s subject matter expert in international tax.

Rose leads the firm’s audit and accounting practice. He is an expert on financial accounting standards and consults regularly on accounting, internal controls and operational matters. He joined Abeles and Hoffman in 2016.

Reppy joined the firm in 2012. His primary responsibilities revolve around tax consulting and compliance. He also advises clients regularly on internal accounting and operational issues as well as consulting on business sales and acquisitions.

Rauch, who joined the firm in 2014, is the firm’s expert on a wide array of tax matters, including partnership tax issues and depreciation and repair regulations. He frequently consults with clients on mergers and acquisitions, organizational structure and major transactions.