Miller Kaplan Acquires Information Security Company, Citadel

North Hollywood, Calif.-based Miller Kaplan has acquired Citadel Information Group of Los Angeles.

Citadel provides information security management services to businesses and the nonprofit community.

Founded in 2002 by Stan Stahl and Kimberly Pease, the firm was expanded in 2014 to add information security expert David Lam. Citadel’s mission has been to provide a wide range of information security management services including vulnerability assessments, staff awareness training, security management of the IT network, incident response and business continuity planning, and Virtual-CISO (vCISO), among others.

“The need for expert information security services is essential these days,” says Doug Waite, MP at Miller Kaplan. “We’re proud to now offer our clients the vital information security analyses and expertise they need.”

Stahl, a pioneer in the field of information security, began his career securing teleconferencing at the White House and databases inside Cheyenne Mountain, as well as the communications network controlling our nuclear weapons arsenal. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan.

“In today’s new normal, businesses must manage the security and privacy of information with the same discipline that they manage finance and other critical business operations,” says Stahl. “Senior management must make sure IT is securely managing the network while adapting the organization’s culture so all staff have the knowledge, skills and commitment needed to meet the ongoing challenge of protecting identities and profits.”

Pease has implemented computer systems for a wide range of organizations in the United States, Canada and Europe, and led installation projects at the Pentagon, the Government Printing Office and many state government offices.

Lam has been managing information for small and medium businesses including custom software development, systems management and information security for 32 years. He is a former Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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