Josh Beck Named New MP of MarksNelson

Josh Beck

Josh Beck has been named MP of MarksNelson (FY18 net revenue of $26.3 million) of Kansas City, Mo.

Beck, a partner in the advisory practice, succeeds Mark Radetic as part of a multi-year succession plan, the firm announced. Beck is also a member of the executive committee and leads the real estate niche.

“MarksNelson employs some of the best and brightest professionals in our industry united by a sincere care for our clients, our team and our community. It is my mission to uphold the legacy we have established over the last 50 years while always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients,” Beck says.

Beck previously founded an advisory firm that merged with MarksNelson. The firm has added new services including accounting automation, business intelligence, data science services, enterprise resource planning, client relationship management solutions and software customization.