L. Peyton Humphrey Celebrates Milestone at Hantzmon Wiebel

L. Peyton Humphrey

L. Peyton Humphrey

Half a century. That’s how long L. Peyton Humphrey has been with Hantzmon Wiebel (FY18 net revenue of $12.8 million) of Charlottesville, Va.

On Sunday, July 14, Humphrey will celebrate his 50-year anniversary in typical fashion, at the office. Even though he retired from the partnership a few years ago, he’s still an active team member and comes into the office around 6 a.m., the firm says.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” says Humphrey. “If you surround yourself with people smarter than you, it’s a good deal. The firm has been a good, fun place to grow and have a long career. We have a lot of smart, hard-working people here. I’ve just been along for the ride.”

CEO Jennifer Lehman says, “Peyton embodies all that is good about our profession. He is incredibly intelligent, has the highest moral code and builds long-lasting relationships with his clients. They are friends as well as clients and that helps him to best meet their needs.”

Humphrey’s journey with the firm started in 1969, one year after passing the bar exam. He says he never seriously entertained opening a law firm, but instead used that knowledge as an additional tool to help his accounting clients.

“People rely on you for advice. I’ve evolved with my clients who were starting their businesses, to running their businesses, to selling their businesses, to retirement. I’ve been with them from startups to retirement homes,” says Humphrey.

He has many fond memories, including a few years where he and his wife Cherie stayed in Germany to help a client. “It was a good opportunity. I had that opportunity because Mr. Hantzmon had the connections. He was one of the smartest guys that I’ve ever met,” says Humphrey.

Humphrey is a quiet person with a gentle kindness, the firm says. “It’s easier to get along in this world if you’re kind,” he says. “We need more kindness.”