Kaufman Rossin Launches Kaufman Rossin Wealth

Jay Pelham

Miami-based Kaufman Rossin (FY19 net revenue of $77.8 million) has launched Kaufman Rossin Wealth, providing financial planning and investment management services.

The new group will be led by Jay Pelham, who joined the firm last year. Pelham has held numerous leadership roles at some of South Florida’s most established financial institutions, including president of TotalBank.

Over the past several years, Kaufman Rossin has grown and diversified its advisory and consulting business, bringing in experts on specific industries and services including banking, cyber-security and business performance to respond to client needs. Kaufman Rossin Wealth is no different.

“We have deep, long-standing relationships with our clients and a unique understanding of their personal and professional challenges. This new service line is another way of connecting the dots in their lives and figuring out the best way to help them reach their goals,” says Kaufman Rossin CEO Blain Heckaman. “With Jay’s leadership we know we can deliver intelligent financial planning by listening, having candid conversations and offering smart solutions.”

Kaufman Rossin Wealth will offer its services as a registered investment advisor. Affiliate Kaufman Rossin Insurance Services will help mitigate risks through insurance solutions.

“Having spent the last 30 years in financial services and learning more about Kaufman Rossin’s clients and business strategies this past year, I feel very strongly there’s an underserved financial bracket that will benefit tremendously by having a roadmap to follow,” Pelham says.

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