Consultant Bill Reeb Elected Chair of AICPA

Bill Reeb, an IPA Most Recommended Consultant, was elected to the one-year volunteer post by the AICPA Governing Council May 21.

Bill Reeb

In his acceptance speech, Reeb said the profession must take “leaps, not steps” forward to take advantage of what will be a sea change in accounting and finance. “Our clients and employers are challenged to stay ahead in a time when rapid innovation and change is the new world order. They need us to be with them, side by side, helping them navigate the complexity and uncertainty that is the world we live in today.”

Reeb offered four pieces of advice for the profession:

  • Let go of what you think you know. Reeb says accountants should rigorously reexamine past lessons and work methods to see if they still hold true in a time of great change.
  • Accept that technical aptitude is not enough. Familiarity with technology and improvement in critical thinking, judgment and leadership will define accounting professionals in the future. “This powerful combination of our technical expertise, technological understanding and enhanced human skills are foundational to positioning ourselves for a brighter future.”
  • Challenge what it means to be an accountant. That means providing higher-value strategic guidance in core service areas, broadening tax practices for an integrated life planning approach, and extending assurance into cybersecurity risk management, sustainability and supply chain.
  • Embrace a disruptive mindset. “We need to shift our thinking from what our profession is and what we do today to what our profession should be and what we need to be doing tomorrow,” he said.

    Tracey Golden

As of June 1, Reeb will serve as vice chair of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, the unified voice of the AICPA and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and will work closely with the Association’s incoming chair, Amal Ratnayake.

Reeb has held several volunteer leadership positions at the AICPA, having previously served as vice chair, a member of the board of directors and governing council, and secretary of the political action committee.

Tracey Golden, an audit partner with Big 4 firm Deloitte, was voted in as vice chair.