Software Company inDinero Buys mAccounting

Portland, Ore.-based inDinero, an accounting and tax software company, has acquired mAccounting of Indianapolis, an outsourced accounting and tax firm.

Keddrick Stuart, COO of inDinero says, “Founders need both real-time data and a financial partner to help them make smart decisions, secure investment and scale. Combining inDinero’s technology with mAccounting’s full-stack finance expertise is the key to leading the change in this industry.”

The firm, in announcing the acquisition, says that AI and automation “continue to squeeze accounting professionals out of basic bookkeeping work. Consumers now expect information and communication in real time. That pressure means business owners, especially of growth companies, need more value from their financial team – and fast.”

Tom Gabbert, one of two managing directors of mAccounting, says in a statement, “By joining forces, mAccounting and inDinero can shift accounting from a necessary evil to a strategic advantage. We’ve always felt like the accounting firm that wanted to be a tech company. By partnering with inDinero, now we really are both.”

Jessica Mah, co-Founder and CEO of inDinero, says, “With the inDinero platform, we can supercharge mAccounting, so that more founders can get access to the financial support they really need.”

The firm also acquired San Jose, Calif.-based tempCFO in 2018.