Survey: Flex Programs Are ‘Minimum Ante’ to Attract, Retain Talent

A survey by ConvergenceCoaching shows that 99% offer some or all the option to flex where they work (remote work), up from 94% in 2016, and that 96% allow some or all team members to , down from 97% in the prior survey.

Consulting firm ConvergenceCoaching has been surveying firms for four years through its Anytime, Anywhere Work™ questionnaire to measure whether firms are allowing employees to have more control over when and where they are working.

According to this year’s survey, with 175 firm respondents, “flex programs are becoming table stakes, or the minimum ‘ante’ required to attract and retain top talent,” ConvergenceCoaching reported.

Highlights include:

  • 85% offer part-time options
  • 83% have an early/late start program, offering team members the opportunity to choose a start and end time that better fit his/her lifestyle
  • 83% allow for day-to-day flex of time, offering as-needed flexibility to attend doctor’s appointments, for instance, and other non-recurring obligations
  • 82% of firms who have a remote worker retained an employee when they moved to a different geography, up from 42% in 2016
  • 70% offer day-to-day anywhere flex, where team members can adjust their workplace as needed to meet personal obligations that are non-recurring (like meeting the repair person at home)
  • 63% employ a team member in another geography, up from 57% in 2016
  • 58% no longer mandate Saturday office hours, up from 39% in the 2016 survey
  • 56% believe that leadership sees flex as a strategic advantage, up from 44% in 2016

“Firms must seek ways to expand and improve the types of programs offered, create buy-in and support for use of Anytime, Anywhere Work options, and develop a culture that embraces flexibility and mobility across the organization, at all levels.”

Download the full survey results summary here.