The Radical CPA and Botkeeper Partner to Bring Bookkeeping Into Future

Jody Padar, principal of New Vision CPA Group of Mount Prospect, Ill., is partnering with Enrico Palmerino and the team at botkeeper, a bookkeeping solution that helps firms expand and modernize their businesses.

Botkeeper is advancing how the bookkeeping industry has been managed by accounting firms. With botkeeper, accounting firms can offload the day-to-day blocking and tackling of bookkeeping (data entry, reconciliations, classifications), allowing accountants to focus on higher-level client advisory services, Padar says in a statement.

Using machine learning that has been exposed to millions of financial transactions, botkeeper is able to fully automate a bookkeeping department without increasing headcount/overhead. With botkeeper, firms see a reduction of human error, superior reporting as well as real-time and 24/7 data entry. Padar contends that White Labeling botkeeper’s services reduces bookkeeping costs by 30% to 50% and allows CPAs to take on 10+ new clients per day.

“Botkeeper has fundamentally changed how a CPA firm of the future, (but really happening today) will operate,” says Padar. “We can scale infinitely and reduce our costs significantly. It is so exciting to me to be able to share this new technology with the accounting profession and truly help radicalize other accounting and bookkeeping firms and change their business models to promote a better firm culture.”

Padar, a prolific speaker and columnist, is author of From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide.