Apple Growth Partners Consolidates Cleveland Workforce

Akron, Ohio-based Apple Growth Partners (FY17 net revenue of $13.1 million) has been operating two locations in the Cleveland area since 2004, with offices and staff located in Independence, Ohio, and Beachwood, Ohio.

Effective Nov. 5, approximately 35 employees from both offices will be consolidating into a new office, also located in Beachwood.

The recent combination for the accounting and business advisory firm is part of a larger 2020 plan, beginning with the merger of Beachwood-based CPA firm KPFF in 2017.

“Welcoming the staff of KPFF to AGP has been a wonderful process,” states chairman Chuck Mullen. “After the transition was complete, we recognized the need for a joint, collaborative space for all of our Cleveland employees.”

While the Beachwood consolidation is one component of the firm’s 2020 strategic plan, future Cleveland office space hasn’t been ruled out. “We hope to have a downtown office in the future, and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss a merger with any firms in the area,” says Mullen.