Freed Maxick Technology Company Partners with Shatter I.T.

Henry Koziol

Buffalo, N.Y.-based Freed Maxick (FY18 net revenue of $45.9 million) has announced the formation of DataSure24 LLC. This new venture is a strategic partnership with Shatter I.T., a managed security and network service provider with over 15 years of experience serving clients technology needs.

DataSure24 – A Freed Maxick Technology Company will specialize in managed security, cybersecurity assessments, business continuity, backup and recovery, and security awareness training. In addition, DataSure24 will be one of the only managed security service providers to staff a 24/7 security operation center (SOC) with U.S.-based employees.

“Our client’s needs are increasing and like technology, are only becoming more complex,” says Henry Koziol, Freed Maxick’s managing director and chairman. “We have seen the negative effect of ransomware, malware, viruses and data breeches on our clients. This is a need we have felt we could fill for a long time.”

Peter Ronca, president of DataSure24, says, “Based on the needs of our clients, we decided to focus our efforts on becoming a provider of world-class managed security services. We are excited to partner with Freed Maxick to form DataSure24, where clients will have access to a wider range of security options.”

DataSure24 will help companies with everything from developing a security program, to delivering security implementations, and providing continuous monitoring and incident response. “Through our security services we are able to provide continuous monitoring that a wide variety of companies need in order to meet compliance. DataSure24 can support the entire security lifecycle of an organization,” says Mark Musone, DataSure24’s chief technology officer.

Freed Maxick provides value by improving accountability, reducing risk and maximizing technology and information security for its clients to help them discover, achieve and protect their bottom line potential.