DMA Appoints Hutmacher as President and CEO

Dan Hutmacher

Dan Hutmacher

DuCharme McMillen & Associates (DMA), which has four offices in Canada and 17 in the United States, has announced that its board of directors has appointed Dan Hutmacher as president and CEO.

Earlier this year, DMA’s board commissioned a national executive search for a successor to Dave Meinika, the firm’s longtime president and CEO, who stepped down in April due to health reasons. Though no longer an employee of the company, Meinika continues to serve as a member of DMA’s board of directors.

Hutmacher, who had been serving as interim president and CEO since Meinika’s departure, emerged from the search as the clear choice to lead DMA into the future.

Hutmacher joined DMA in 1989 and served in a variety of operational and managerial roles with increasing responsibilities. He most recently served as the company’s COO.

“I’ve been a proud DMA employee-owner for many years, and now I’m honored to lead the company,” Hutmacher says. “Over his many years of service, Dave poured his heart and soul into DMA and, in the process, created a unique and special culture that centers on our employee-owners and on providing great client service experiences. We want to preserve that culture while we continue to evolve as a business in order to meet our clients’ needs.”