BerganKDV Increases Presence With Merger of HSMC Orizon

Dave Hinnenkamp

St. Cloud, Minn.-based BerganKDV (FY17 net revenue of $47.9 million) is expanding its Midwest footprint in a merger with HSMC Orizon on Nov. 1, adding six new partners and 45 employees to the firm.

The merger brings BerganKDV to nearly 400 employees and expands its reach to Omaha, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo. In the merger, HSMC Orizon adopts the BerganKDV company name.

“Integrating HSMC Orizon into the fold enhances the services we offer clients and gives us the opportunity to better serve clients throughout the Midwest,” said BerganKDV’s recently named CEO Dave Hinnenkamp.  “We’re laser focused on empowering our staff while creating exceptional experiences for our clients, and the merger solidifies that commitment to those we serve. HSMC Orizon is an award-winning firm that’s recognized for its excellence not only by our industry and in local business communities.”

“Early in merger discussions, we could see BerganKDV carried the same level of care and commitment HSMC Orizon carries toward employees, community and clients,” said HSMC Orizon MP Gene Garrelts. “Our employees, clients and the community will enjoy more resources available to them as our organization continues to grow.”

The merger is one of the first accomplishments for Hinnenkamp, who took over as CEO in July. He rose to the position after 34 years with the company, including founding the firm’s wealth management division in 2002. He plans on organic and acquisition growth, with additional mergers.