Three Earn Partnership Status at HBKS Wealth Advisors

Brittany Taylor

HBKS® Wealth Advisors, the wealth management division of Canfield, Ohio-based HBK (FY17 net revenue of $80 million), announced that three professionals have been named principals of the firm.

“We’re pleased to welcome these three great people into our principal Group,” says CEO and MP Christopher Allegretti. “They have worked effectively in their respective markets, demonstrating the entrepreneurial character so essential to our success, growing their businesses and furthering the HBKS® reputation. They are proactive, insightful professionals dedicated to our clients’ goals and mindful of their holistic financial circumstances and objectives.”

The new principals are Brittany Taylor, Brian Mallette and Tom Taranto.

Taylor helps her clients, mainly individuals in or near retirement and their families, preserve and grow wealth. She serves clients in many states from her office in Erie, Penn. Brittany started with the firm in 2001 and has helped many families and individuals through major life-changing events by providing guidance on how to move forward financially.

Mallette joined HBKS® in June of 2008. He has worked with team members Dan Baer and Brent Wauterlek on client relationships and asset management. His focus has been on the construction of customized asset allocations as well as portfolio analysis and risk management with the goal of delivering portfolios that meet each client’s unique needs. He also oversees the trade executions for the team. He works in the Naples, Fla., office.

Taranto has been with HBKS® since 2011. He has extensive experience working with high-net-worth families on comprehensive financial planning, estate planning, insurance planning and asset management services. He has worked with a wide array of clients, including institutional investors, major donors, small businesses and non-profit organizations. He has helped many clients capitalize on oil, gas and other energy-related investments in order to maximize the yield of their ventures.