Founder of Herbein + Company Passes Away

Carl Herbein

Carl Herbein

Carl Herbein, founder Herbein + Company, Inc. in 1972, passed away on Sept. 16, 2018.

From humble origins at the Herbein family kitchen table, Herbein was the driving force behind a firm that now has nine locations and more than 200 employees. His dedication and influence reach far beyond the firm. As a business leader, Herbein left a great legacy. As a friend and mentor, his loss is particularly profound.

As founding partner of Herbein + Company, he also served as the firm’s president, CEO and PIC of the firm’s dairy practice until his passing. His expertise in dairy accounting was recognized nationwide. He visited and provided services to more than 150 dairy processing facilities of all types and sizes.

Herbein was an avid sportsman who enjoyed racquet sports, cycling and running. He was renowned for his devotion to his family and enjoyed spending time with his family at their retreat in Avalon, N.J.

Herbein touched countless lives. The firm is compiling stories of his life, no matter if it’s how you first met, a funny story, or a way that he has touched your life – please considering sharing here:

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