Aprio to Expand Virtual Capabilities with Acquisition of HPC

Atlanta-based Aprio LLP (FY16 net revenue of $76.3 million) has acquired Atlanta-based HPC, a technology-driven, cloud-based accounting firm with a global footprint. When completed, the acquisition of HPC, with its strong technology processes and experienced cloud team, will allow Aprio to eliminate time-consuming data entry, which can now be done through automation and machine learning, and significantly enhance its ability to provide clients actionable insights.

“We need to meet our clients where they are and serve them the way they want to work,” says Richard Kopelman, CEO and managing partner of Aprio. “Once we add the experienced staff and technology stack that HPC provides, Aprio will be able to further service our clients at the speed of now. After HPC is on board, we will be prepared to deliver the next generation of client service fueled by the transformation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will be able to leverage a myriad of technologies and create the best cloud-based accounting practice for our global small to mid-size clients. Clients want to collaborate with us and engage with their business data to gain real-time insights that will drive growth and take them to their next.”

Once completed, the acquisition of HPC will complement Aprio’s existing outsourced accounting services practice that was established in 2016, giving clients the ability to have a cloud accounting solution using best of breed products and processes. Bruce Phillips, CEO and founder of HPC, is expected to lead the practice as president and partner in charge.

“We are excited to have signed our agreement to join Aprio because, like us, Aprio is continuously changing and adapting to what’s next. Once closed, Aprio will provide our clients a breadth of new services like sophisticated international tax planning and structuring, and tax credits and incentives, including the R&D tax credit, which is so critical for technology companies,” says Phillips. “Once we become part of Aprio, we will continue our tremendous growth and further increase our capabilities, so we can advise and partner with our clients to help them be ready for the future.”