Study Reveals 30 Must-Know Sales and Prospecting Stats

Data from 488 business-to-business buyers and 489 sellers has revealed trends in what works in sales prospecting today, says the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research in its new report, “Top Performance in Sales Prospecting.”

The study was intended to find out how sellers connect with buyers, how to generate meetings, what influences overall purchase decisions, and where buyer and seller views on prospecting overlap. Boston-based RAIN Group, a global sales training company, analyzed those with the best prospecting results.

Here are some insights on top performers in sales prospecting:

  • 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who proactively contact them.
  • Top sales performers generate 2.7 times more sales meetings than others.
  • Sellers that generate more high quality meetings, conversations and demonstrations are more successful.
  • 71% of buyers want to hear from sellers early in the buying process.
  • 69% of buyers say that research data produced by sellers captures their attention.
  • 80% of buyers say they prefer email contacts, but they must be customized and well written.
  • On average, it takes five touches for top performers to generate a meeting.
  • Calling existing customers is the No. 1 most effective prospecting tactic.
  • C-suite executives more often prefer to be contacted by phone than managers and directors.
  • 82% of buyers look up providers on LinkedIn before responding to outreach efforts.
  • Proving value to prospects must be done within 10 minutes.