Deloitte Blockchain Leader Leaves to Build Ethereum Supply Chain

Eric Piscini

Eric Piscini

Eric Piscini, who helped turn Deloitte’s global blockchain practice into a $50 million operation, left the company earlier this year, Forbes reported.

Piscini, who is credited with growing the firm’s blockchain team from three people in 2012 to 1,200, has joined Citizens Reserve, which is raising $150 million to move the world’s fragmented supply chain networks to two blockchains.

Citizens Reserve, a Los Gatos, Calif.-based startup, is creating a software bridge that connects the public Ethereum blockchain to a permissioned blockchain called Quorum, which was originally designed by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

“It is this combination of the public blockchain infrastructure that powers the $66 billion Ethereum cryptocurrency, with a private solution designed to help JPMorgan and others comply with regulatory restrictions, that Piscini thinks is primed to make supply chain the next big industry to be disrupted by the technology,” Forbes reported.

“We are building the Ethereum of supply chain,” Piscini told Forbes. Piscini has helped grow the company from eight employees when he was brought on board to 18 employees today.

Citizens Reserve is a shared database designed to be used by every level of a supply chain including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Read more.