EY Faces Sexual Harassment Complaint

New York-based EY (FY16 gross revenue of $11.2 billion) is facing a sexual harassment complaint from one of its partners, according to CNBC. Jessica Casucci, partner since 2014, claimed multiple senior colleagues had witnessed a male partner lift her up and sexually harass her at a conference in Orlando, but did nothing to stop him.

Casucci said in her complaint that she was subject to harassment by multiple partners at the firm in addition to the unwanted advances in Florida by a tax partner in 2015. She claims her career suffered after the incident, because she sought to distance herself from the partner by turning down projects and had to “completely reinvent her career.”

“In this day and age, when a woman shows the courage to stand up and complain about physical sexual harassment at work, one would expect her complaint to be treated with the utmost care and urgency,” says Casucci’s attorney, Michael Willemin.

In addition to the events at the Orlando conference, she alleged that another partner repeatedly asked her sexually inappropriate questions before a speaking engagement, while another employee regularly stared at and commented on women’s appearances, including Casucci.

EY said in response to the claim that it was “committed to a workplace free of discrimination and harassment of any kind. The individual who is the subject of the charge has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of our investigation. We take all allegations of sexual harassment seriously.”


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