WithumSmith+Brown Implements New Integrated Private Client Service

Princeton, N.J-based WithumSmith+Brown (FY17 net revenue of $175.4 million) formed WithumPlatinum, a new integrated private client services strategy designed to serve the financial planning and management needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. The services span family offices, estate and trust planning, cybersecurity, privacy and identity protection, wealth management, insurance advisory, charitable planning, special needs planning, private business advisory and income-tax planning.

“WithumPlatinum marks the formal fusion, so to speak, of the collective and objective deep advisory services for which Withum has become known and recognized nationally,” says Bill Hagaman, MP and CEO. “WithumPlatinum’s consultative and advisory services offer a holistic, independent perspective free of ties to any proprietary products. Our clients’ interests and financial health are our foremost concerns, all based on their unique situation.”

“A recent Withum study indicated cybersecurity is the paramount concern of high-net-worth individuals, eclipsing both terrorism and major illness,” says Hagaman. “We have an extremely talented team dedicated solely to this area who address the exposure of high-net-worth individuals and their families, who are at highest risk due to their profile, wealth and level of activity.”

WithumPlatinum manages what information, if any, is in cyberspace and how it’s related to personal safety as well as the integrity of financial and personal affairs. Services range from an online footprint risk assessment, evaluation of home-network vulnerabilities, standard cybersecurity protocols and a cyber and identity theft insurance review.

“Clients connected to a business as an owner or executive have the option to share WithumPlatinum with key executives to ensure the business – a material consideration in proper management of family affairs – runs efficiently and smoothly,” says Hagaman.