Why Accenture Has the Most Blockchain Job Openings in the World

Global companies are making large investments in blockchain, the digital ledger technology that underpins cryptocurrencies and allows information to flow securely between different parties. According to Forbes, Accenture is hiring more blockchain jobs than any other company.

In English-speaking countries, Accenture had 537 blockchain job openings in 2017. It’s seeing the most demand in three areas: financial services, supply chain and identity, hiring primarily for roles like software developer, technical architect and business strategist. Accenture provides consulting and technology implementation services, while companies like IBM build the technical tools that Accenture often uses.

Accenture uses blockchain to link entities together privately instead of a simple database because, according to David Treat, managing director and co-head of Accenture’s global blockchain practice, it comes down to trust. Historically, organizations have rarely trusted one company to become a central data repository, “either because of the proprietary value of their data or due to a lack of trust in others.” With blockchains, multiple parties maintain a replica of recorded transactions that can’t be changed.

Accenture is a founding member of a public-private partnership called ID2020 that aims to solve a wide range of identity problems, ranging from helping the one billion people around the world who don’t have an official identity to solving the customer-service headache of having to provide your information every time you deal with a company or service provider.