PKF O’Connor Davies Launches Administration Services for Cryptocurrency Funds

O’Connor Davies Administration, a subsidiary of New York-based PKF O’Connor Davies (FY16 net revenue of $146.6 million), launched a new administration service offering for cryptocurrency hedge funds.

“O’Connor Davies Administration has deep experience and expertise in alternative investments, including valuing cryptocurrency assets and providing timely and accurate financial reporting,” says Marc Rinaldi, PIC of the financial services practice. “Three cryptocurrency hedge funds already rely on our team to provide fund administration services, and we’re eager to expand our impact in this area with a formalized approach and established offering.”

Cryptocurrencies have soared in popularity in recent years.

Some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies are lower cost coins like Ethereum and Ripple. When investing in these coins, investors typically see price fluctuations, and therefore it is important not to be too hasty when selling and buying.

Cryptocurrencies are also treated like most other currencies. This means that you can invest in them on most forex websites. For further information about cryptocurrency trading, head to the Learn to Trade website.

Navigating the fast-paced world of trading is not always easy and therefore doing your own research to stay ahead of the latest developments is crucial.

The O’Connor Davies Administration manages cryptocurrency valuation on a fund-by-fund basis based on the fund’s private placement memorandum and specific valuation policies. It provides core services in helping cryptocurrency funds with a variety of holdings successfully manage and value their assets.