Eide Bailly Expands Cybersecurity Solutions Through New Relationship with Secuvant

Fargo, N.D.-based Eide Bailly (FY17 net revenue of $269.4 million) partnered with Secuvant to supplement Eide Bailly’s current cybersecurity solutions. The partnership will allow business executives to have cybersecurity programs that speak to them directly about how business-class cybersecurity solutions protect their true business assets and not simply the technical ones.

“Through this relationship with Secuvant, we can now offer a wider range of cybersecurity and allied solutions to strengthen Eide Bailly’s capabilities for our clients. Business executives must be given every advantage in making the right decisions to invest properly in securing their company,” says James Lyons, strategic growth officer of Eide Bailly.

“Our methodology facilitates collaboration between a company’s executives and their IT team, to ensure the organization’s cybersecurity program appropriately addresses business risk, and not just technical risk,” says Ryan Layton, CEO of Secuvant. “We help business leaders understand cyber risk is business risk. This is a perfect fit to the Eide Bailly culture of commitment to stay ahead of client needs. Our blended services and solutions create a very efficient augmentation to how they serve their client.”

“At Eide Bailly, we have very deep resources across our people and technologies. This relationship with Secuvant allows us to focus even better on the things we already do well – basically a holistic skillset our clients need,” says Anders Erickson, director of cybersecurity services for Eide Bailly. “We feel Secuvant has taken the best security frameworks and then mapped cyber risks to business risks. Their methodology helps executives understand how to invest proactively, instead of reactively, in their own cybersecurity. IT teams can’t bridge that gap on their own.”

Additionally, Eide Bailly recently acquired Decipher Forensics as part of their growing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. The computer forensics and eDiscovery capabilities developed by Decipher Forensics are now fully immersed into resources available to all Eide Bailly clients.

“By adding these capabilities to our relationship, we can jointly provide clients with a solution that helps them find risks, determine the root cause, address the issue completely, put policies in place to prevent further instances and continually monitor to ensure the client’s business is improved and strengthened in an on-going way,” says Todd Neilson, CTO of Secuvant. “Our relationship ensures that all Eide Bailly clients are equipped to see a cybersecurity problem before it happens, remediate it, monitor it and ensure their brand is not hurt by it.”