Accounting Firms Major Destinations, According to LinkedIn Data

New York-based PwC (FY16 gross revenue of $14.3 billion), New York-based Deloitte (FY16 net revenue of $17.5 billion) and New York-based EY (FY16 gross revenue of $11.2 billion) are among the top companies according to LinkedIn’s millions of users. Companies were ranked as being a destination for job seekers based on interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention.

Deloitte, which ranked 22, has plans to hire 70,000 people across the 150 countries and territories in which it operates. Deloitte has a global headcount of 263,900.

PwC, ranked 25, is looking for people with backgrounds in STEM, particularly those who have “the ability to derive data and insight from cutting-edge technology.” Modern skill sets demand modern work conditions and more than 90% of PwC employees now work flexibly at least some of the time.

EY, which ranked 29 has plans to hire 80,000 people (including 20,000 interns) this year. EY is looking for thousands of candidates with non-financial backgrounds, including people who focus on data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation.