The Millennial Internship Experience

A survey of accounting interns was conducted surveying 52 accounting students who recently completed accounting internships. The study covers:

  • Initial internship training experience
  • Mentoring and feedback
  • Internship stress management
  • Overall internship experience

The authors believe that while room remains for improvement, interns seem to overwhelmingly view their experiences as positive.

“One possible interpretation of this data suggests that some firms have actually sacrificed aspects of technical job-training experience in order to accommodate the perceived “soft” needs of the modern intern. In fact, the questions that received some of the most comments in the survey centered around the interns’ views on a firm’s training, mentoring, and feedback regimens, with many interns wanting more specific and rigorous hands-on training. This may indicate that the more traditional aspects of the internship remain the predominant factor, and that interns look for, if anything, an even greater level of professional guidance and interaction than currently provided,” the report says.