Report by ACCA Outlines Priorities of Young Finance Professionals

A new report by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Generation Next: Managing Talent in Large Accountancy Firms, dives deeper into ACCA’s 2016 global survey examining the career aspirations of the younger generation in finance today at the Big 4 and other large accounting firms worldwide.

“Our research on young finance professionals globally has found that they view accounting and finance as a launching pad for success in their long-term career in business, with opportunities for developing wide-ranging skills,” says Warner Johnston, head of ACCA USA. “We’ve also found that more than those in other sectors, young professionals in large accountancy firms see clear potential for progression and great access to learning and development opportunities within their firm.”

“Younger generations of finance professionals expect automation and technology to transform large accountancy practice, but they see such innovations in a positive light, offering opportunities for adding more value to their roles,” says Johnston.

Eighty-five percent of respondents in large accountancy firms see technology as an opportunity to focus on much higher value-adding activity.

The ACCA research has also found that Generation Next as a whole is particularly mobile, and that pattern holds for those employed at large accountancy firms. Young professionals in this sector are highly driven to progress fast and are ready to switch employers quickly to attain their career objectives. This is even more pronounced among Big 4 respondents that other groups – 80% of respondents in this group said they were aiming at a more senior position in their next role, and 75% of all top accountancy firm respondents expect to change roles within the next two years.

Among large accountancy firms, 60% of respondents see progressing their careers as the most important factor in deciding to stay with an employer.

You can read the report here.