PwC Introduces New Workforce Engagement App

New York-based PwC (FY16 gross revenue of $14.3 billion) released an app designed to accelerate the way employees learn, interact and solve problems.

Through firm-conducted surveys, PwC found that 63% of business leaders say the lack of skilled teams was a key obstacle to digital innovation. More than 80% of CEOs agreed they need to improve their own soft and digital skills.

The new app aims to address these issues using a four-step approach to build a digital culture. It starts with the app’s digital fitness assessment, which enables businesses to gauge digital fluency of their team. The app then curates personalized digital training based on each user’s results, on topics including cybersecurity, blockchain, user experience, artificial intelligence and design thinking.

The four steps include:

  • Assess – Develop a benchmark for organizational talent within digital.
  • Advance – Receive content that is tailored and contextualized to your organization.
  • Add – Determine your talents gaps, and start hiring differently.
  • Accelerate – Deliver value and advance learning through real-life business application.

“Digital disruption can upend an industry, seemingly, overnight. Many organizations looking to quickly strengthen their Digital IQ think the solution is throwing money at new technology and seeing what sticks, but it really needs to start with people,” says Tom Puthiyamadam, PwC digital services leader.

“While we don’t know what the future will look like, there is one certainty: people will be more crucial than ever to shaping, deploying and powering new technology,” says Mike Fenlon, chief people officer at PwC. “Without the right people to guide transformation, investment in technology is aimless and sure to fail.”