MP Authors New Book on Leadership

Wesley Middleton

Wesley Middleton

Wesley Middleton, MP of Houston-based MiddletonRaines+Zapata (MRZ), an $11.2 million firm, has written, “Violent Leadership: Be a Force for Change,” which outlines a style of leadership that is “ identified by a passionate, innovative, active and disruptive pursuit of success.”

Violent leadership, Middleton writes, “does not refer to fighting, anger or brutality. It is a positive and energetic pursuit of purpose and success.”

Middleton discusses leading teams with passion, strength and force. He provides examples from his experiences at the firm and explains strategies to unite a team behind a common objective.

You’ll also discover how to:

  • create a workplace culture that fosters loyalty and high performance
  • know your strengths and delegate tasks when necessary
  • harness the power of the millennial generation
  • get out of your own way
  • set the tone in your own business
  • achieve your goals more passionately and more forcefully than anyone
    around you

Middleton is also a frequent public speaker on workplace culture, taking risks and embracing change.