DFK Canada Welcomes New Member Firm

DFK Canada welcomed Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Buckberger Baerg & Partners, which was established in 2014 by eight partners.

“Since launching the firm, vice-president of the Americas region Paul Panabaker has been extremely generous and helped us make connections before we even became members and has also been kind enough to let us join the last conference, so it is clear that DFK is really willing to help us on our journey. Being part of the global organization will be a huge benefit to our clients and there is a lot of expertise we can draw upon,” says Ashley Buckberger, partner.

“Buckberger Baerg & Partners is in its infancy and it will be excellent to help the firm grow,” says DFK Canada president Andrew Logan. “Saskatchewan is a province where there is a lot of economic activity and I am excited to see the firm develop and expand. I think they will be a good fit for DFK Canada.”