CPAmerica International Celebrates 40th Anniversary

In 1978, eight firms came together under the common belief that they could accomplish more by learning from each other than they could on their own. Together they created the accounting association, Accounting Firms Associated, Inc. By 1990, the association had grown to include 43 firms. That same association went on to become CPAmerica, currently made up of 74 independent CPA firms across the United States. May 11, 2018 will mark the 40th anniversary of CPAmerica International.

“Associations have drastically changed in the last 40 years and now more than ever we have the opportunity to contribute to our member’s growth and development. For example, new this year, member opportunities include two additional groups; The New Partner Group and the Outsourced Accounting Program. We continue to change and evolve to give members the platform they need to reach their strategic plans,” says Alan Deichler, president of CPAmerica.

Fort Wright, Ky.-based VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm and Salem, Ore.-based Aldrich Group, two long-standing members of CPAmerica, recall their experience over the last 20-30 years.

“My first experience with CPAmerica was with the practice management survey right after VonLehman joined the association in 1988,” says Brian Malthouse, president of VonLehman and current chair of the CPAmerica International board of directors. “Looking back, this survey made me realize if firms can charge this amount in Iowa or Nebraska, then we should have the confidence to up our billing rates. It really changed the whole culture of our firm. Plus, I’ve developed some great relationships over the years – I can pick up the phone and get an immediate response. The association truly is the more you give, the more you get.”

“My favorite part about membership with CPAmerica is the leading partners retreat,” says Martin Moll, CEO and MP at Aldrich Group and a member of CPAmerica since 1998.  “Every time I go to a leading partners retreat, I’ll write down three of the most relevant takeaways and track them when I get back in the office. By and large, a lot of the success that we’ve had at the firm is from the items I track from this conference.”