Agresta Storms & O’Leary Admits Wilder as Partner

Rita Wilder

Rita Wilder

Indianapolis-based Agresta Storms & O’Leary admitted Rita Wilder as a partner. Wilder has been with firm since it was founded in 2009.

During her time with ASO, Wilder has provided audit and assurance services to small- to mid-sized organizations as well as established many new business partnerships and client additions.

“We are delighted to admit Rita as a partner in the firm, as she has been an integral part of our success,” says ASO partner Shawwn Storms. “She is a very important asset to the firm, and to all the clients she has served over the years.”

As a partner at ASO, Wilder will continue to specialize in financial statement services for commercial and not-for-profit entities as well as employee benefit and 401k plans. She will also work with business consulting services including bank and finance consulting, mergers and acquisitions assistance, cost management and budgeting consulting, as well as various CFO services.

“Our leadership is strong and committed to the firm, to the communities we work in and to the clients we serve.  I have enjoyed and benefited from working with my co-workers and clients throughout the years and am thankful for the business relationships and friendships I have formed,” says Wilder.