Two Connecticut Firms Merge

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, Shein Cohen Palmer & Company and Howard L. Page & Company, both of Avon, Conn., will merge under the new name Palmer Latko Ledas Page, according to a local Avon news site.

“The merger decision was easy,” says Gary Palmer principal. “Both firms realized how similar we were in so many ways—business philosophy, client relationships, policies and procedures, and more. We fit well together.”

Howard L. Page has provided accounting and tax preparation services for individuals and businesses since 1941. Shein Cohen Palmer established a similar practice in 1978. Together the firms anticipate expanding services for existing clients and offering a cost-effective alternative for small businesses and individuals. Palmer Latko Ledas Page will serve more than 2,000 clients in Connecticut and across the country.

“A major goal is to make sure our clients experience little or no change during and after the merger,” says Margaret Mayer, principal. “Every client will still have the same professionals working with them. Policies, practices, and procedures will also remain the same.”