Jennifer Wilson, ConvergenceCoaching – Most Recommended Consultant

ConvergenceCoaching LLC
Jennifer Wilson

What advice would you give to partners/MPs to help them coach younger staff?

Jennifer Wilson

Ask more than tell. Find out what the younger staff like most, like least, want more of, want less of, and why BEFORE advising them. Be open to receiving feedback as well as giving it – younger staff have opinions and ideas for change and want to be able to share them.

What do you think is the biggest blind spot in firms today, and how do they rectify this?

The biggest blind spot is that most firm leaders feel they have plenty of time to make the “big” changes – the move to advisory, the implementation of technology in almost every aspect of service delivery and firm operations, the shift to more virtual service, the changes needed to serve Next Gen clients and talent – when the changes will happen faster than they can conceive of. Waiting for a few more retirements, or to get more buy-in, before acting could be a mortal mistake.

What has surprised you most in the client interactions / questions / engagements you’ve had this past year?

There are a few surprises. First, the denial, which stems from complacency, that continues to handicap so many firms. Second, in higher functioning firms, how quickly they gain traction with significant change initiatives once they establish a clear vision and task leaders with implementing their plans. The first surprise is so disheartening to me, but the second gives me hope for the future of the profession.