Golden Launches Consulting Firm, Fore

Michelle Golden

Michelle Golden launched a new venture, Fore LLC. Applying original techniques for up-front pricing, Fore provides education and implementation consulting to CPA firms committed to converting from a time-based billing model to pricing their work in advance.

“Demand from larger firms for this type of pricing help rose sharply this year, no doubt because of heightened talk of impending industry impacts. One driver is time savers like artificial intelligence and blockchain. Another is the growing need to become anticipatory organizations that innovate to replace compliance work with higher-value service offerings,” says Golden.

“Advantages also include much richer conversations between the CPA and the customer,” Golden continues. “When CPAs become more attuned to what’s most valuable in buyers’ eyes, they do more of it – it becomes a terrific cycle. Among CPA firms who want to augment compliance by becoming stronger business advisors, managing partners say they see a pricing-model change as a crucial next step.”