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Gary Boomer

What is the most common technology mistake being made in the profession today, and how can it be addressed?

Gary Boomer

Gary Boomer

Lack of leadership and a technology roadmap that focuses on The Business Capability Model. Most firms are spending their IT budget in products and services, and financial reporting while ignoring operations, marketing, sales, talent development, legal and compliance and the experience – client and users.) Develop a vision, strategic plan and IT Road Map, then hold everyone accountable, especially the partners. Don’t forget to evaluate your processes in order to leverage the technology.

What mindset would you like to see more or less of in the profession?

Collaboration and a team culture where those who are not CPAs are respected and rewarded for their unique abilities (IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Talent Development and Data Analytics). A mindset of lifelong learning (acceptance of change) and growth (desire to be a game changer) are also important.

What questions should firms be asking themselves as they are implementing new technologies?

Will this allow us to scale 10X? Exponential and global rather than local and linear thinking result in better solutions. You get your answers when you ask, what would the firm do differently if they were 10 times larger? What would you do differently, if the firm were 10 times larger? You need to think like the firm you vision, not like the firm of the past. Exponential thinking attracts better talent and clients. What impact will this have on the client and user experience? Think mobile. Finally, what will it cost if we don’t make the investment?