Cybersecurity Tips from ‘Shark Tank’

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants held a webcast with Robert Herjavec, a leading star of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ and founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group, a global information security company.

In the recorded webcast, found here, Herjavec gave some tips for cybersecurity for all businesses.

Focus on detection and response. “If you look at some of the recent, large-scale breaches, the blame from consumers and regulators isn’t so much on the fact that you got breached,” Herjavec says. “The blame is, did you have the right systems and controls in place to mitigate that risk and that loss.”

Guard against malware and phishing attacks. It’s common for hackers to impersonate banks in an email and ask for account numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs). “A bank or financial institution will never ask you for your PIN … via email,” Herjavec says. “But if you look at the modern phishing attacks, they look like your bank statements.”

The cloud can provide some protection. Herjavec said the cloud can provide some important security infrastructure. “It doesn’t absolve you of the risk of that data,” says Herjavec. When using the cloud, small businesses still need to understand their own data issues and how to safely connect with their suppliers. Asking cloud providers where and how data will be stored, whether data will be encrypted, whether data you delete will be removed entirely from the cloud, and what the provider’s security procedures entail can lead to a more secure scenario in the cloud.

Protect the core functions. At its core, every business provides some value, whether it’s dry cleaning, whether it’s dog grooming, that core value has to continue to function no matter what the risk is.

View the full webcast here.