Afterburner Webinar: The Secret Weapon of High Performing Ops Teams

A recent webinar was hosted by Afterburner’s David “Finch” Guenthner, a keynote speaker at the 2017 PRIME Symposium, and Milton Bourque from Zachry Construction. They share examples and discuss what makes a high-performing team possible and successful.

David “Finch” Guenthner

David “Finch” Guenthner

The webinar, Operation Debrief: The Secret Weapon of High Performing Ops Teams, discusses how to incorporate a culture of debriefing to achieve success within your organization.

Elements of the webinar include:

  • the keys to improving operational excellence
  • how to drive the importance of disciplined operations
  • why a continuous improvement focused culture accelerates performance

According to Afterburner, organizational excellence is achieved by focusing on leadership development that drives continuous learning, individual engagement and mission-first operations.

Watch the full webinar here.