KPMG International Welcomes Thomas as Global Chairman

William Thomas

William Thomas

William Thomas is now the global chairman of KPMG International. He will lead the KPMG global network of professional services firms for a 4-year term, succeeding John Veihmeyer, who completed his term as chairman and is retiring from KPMG.

Thomas previously served as chairman of KPMG’s Americas region beginning in 2014 and has been a member of the Global Board since 2009. He was CEO and senior partner of KPMG in Canada from 2009 to 2016.

In his 28 years with KPMG, Thomas has also held a number of leadership roles in the Canadian firm and within KPMG International, and has served as an audit partner for prominent clients in a variety of industries.

“We have been driving innovation across all parts of our business and I intend to continue and accelerate that trend,” says Thomas. “I believe the transformation that will take place in business and our profession over the next 5 years will eclipse what we’ve experienced in the past 50 years and I’m convinced the opportunities for KPMG will be greater than ever. KPMG is well placed to be at the heart of this transformation.”