Camuso CPA First CPA Firm in the Country to Accept Cryptocurrencies

Charlotte, N.C.-based Camuso CPA announced that they are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as form of payments for their services. Camuso CPA is the first CPA firm in the country to accept cryptocurrency payments in return for professional services.

Earlier this year, the first of the Big 4 consultancy firms installed a Bitcoin ATM (“BTM”) in their offices. Deloitte Canada also announced that it is now accepting bitcoin at Bistro 1858, the Toronto office’s internal restaurant.

Since the installation of the BTM in the fall of 2016, Deloitte’s Toronto office has seen tremendous adoption and understanding of the cryptocurrency, and its underlying technology blockchain.

All of this opens up the door to cryptocurrencies entering the mainstream. Patrick Camuso, owner of Camuso CPA, stated that this was a natural progression. “We have a wide variety of investors that are heavily focused on non-correlated assets, many of which already hold cryptocurrencies, and many others becoming increasingly intrigued by this space.”

In a statement, Camuso CPA noted that accepting forms of payment in cryptocurrency was a natural progression. “We’re excited to be a leading company in this space and exploring the possibilities with cryptocurrency payments. We hope this use case will show a wider audience of investors and small business owners what cryptocurrencies can do for online payments and for businesses transferring value globally.”