Ransomware: Is Your Accounting Firm at Risk?

Accounting firms could find themselves vulnerable to ransomware, a specific kind of malware that infects a device and gives hackers access to all files on that device. As soon as that device is infected, hackers can encrypt or steal files, essentially holding them hostage until their demand is met.

This whitepaper from AbacusNext outlines the main reasons that accounting firms might become targets for ransomware. Because employees at all levels have access to sensitive client information, Social Secu­rity numbers, banking information, tax documents and passwords, it means each person is a potential target. With the exponential growth of accounting technologies, each new product, app or cloud-based system is a new opportunity for hackers.

The whitepaper provides case studies on the cyber-attacks on Netflix, Ashley Madison and Wannacry, as well as details their scalable private-cloud service.